Best Memory Foam Mattresses 2022

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What makes it better?

The plush Lytton mattress is built with 12 ILD premium foam. It is designed more for back & side sleepers. The firm Lytton mattress is built with 22 ILD premium foam and is designed for back & stomach sleepers. The construction of the firm is more durable which would hold up nicely for heavier people over time.

The Lytton Mattress is designed to work on any firm, flat surface. It can be placed on the floor, solid wood board, a slatted bed frame or a box spring. We strongly recommend that you double check to make sure your bed frame has a rigid center support.

Lytton Plus: Comfort Firm

  • Hand-tufted organic cotton cover for breathability
  • Plush cooling gel memory foam pillow top
  • Temperature regulating premium foam for pressure relief
  • Adaptive support with Quantum coil system
  • Advanced dense foam adds extra firmness & edge support
  • Ideal for heavier body types

Crafted with swift-cooling gel foam As sleep enthusiasts ourselves, we loathe being awoken in the middle of the night feeling hot, uncomfortable and covered in a layer of sweat. That’s nobody’s idea of a good night’s sleep.
This is why our mattresses are built with an innovative swift-cooling gel that keeps even the warmest of Lytton sleepers comfortable and cool throughout the night. Unlike most memory foams you’ll find in mattresses, our gel foam opens the cell structure allowing for greater airflow, heat dissipation and temperature regulation, even on the hottest of summer nights.

Puffy Lux MattressThe best luxury hybrid memory foam mattress with contour-adapt coils for more stability, temperature control, and support for back pain.

1. Stain-Resistant Cloud Cover

Hypoallergenic top cover keeps your mattress squeaky clean and fresh.

2. Cooling Cloud™ Foam

1.5 inches of gel-infused breathing foam for sleep that’s easy, breezy, and comfortable.

3. Plush Dual Cloud Foam

1.5 inches of pressure-relieving cloud foam for minimal strain and maximum recovery.

4. Climate Comfort™ Foam

2 inches of humidity-resistant foam wicks away moisture for sleep that’s never stuffy.

5. Firm Core Support Foam + Contour-Adapt Coils

7 inches of high-density foam with a contour-adapt coil base to help stabilize your mattress with advanced edge support.

6. Grip Base Cover

Helps your mattress stay put as you toss and turn to your heart’s content.

ELUX Signature - 10" Gel Mattress

  • The ELUX Signature is our luxurious and firm 10-inch mattress that gives you the support you need and keeps you cool throughout the night from our air cooling technology memory foam. Its unique pocket spring design, crafted in a spindle shape, allows for evenly distributed and balanced support to keep you from tossing and turning. It also allows for the mattress to be rolled and compressed for easy delivery. Simply unroll your mattress out of the box before use. Enjoy a mattress solution that cradles your pressure points and provides a quality night’s sleep. 

    Ice “cool to the touch” stretch-knit cover fits any body type and keeps you cool and comfortable.

    Memory foam design and pocket springs with foam encasement provide an undisturbed and restful sleeping experience with total body support.

    Gel-infused memory foam cradles your body for a cool and comforting night’s sleep.

Puffy Royal Mattress

premier luxury hybrid memory foam mattress with zoned full-body support that’s perfect for sleepers looking for unparalleled comfort, cooling, and stability.