Maria Cristina Didero and the Golden Age of Design: Design Miami/ 2022

The art and design storm that looms over Miami for the first full weekend in December wrapped up, ushering out a big crowd and millions of dollars with it. Under her guidance, curatorial director Maria Cristina Didero’s Design Miami/ fairs had an overarching theme of The Golden Age.

Fin Simonetti’s Magical Thinking

Fin Simonetti works in sculpture and stained glass. She received her BFA from the Ontario College of Art and Design and has exhibited internationally at Matthew Brown (Los Angeles), Cooper Cole (Toronto), and MoMA PS1.

Where Design Meets High Fashion: Carl Gerges

As an architect, photographer, composer, and member of the giant Lebanese rock band Mashrou’ Leila, Carl Gerges can be deemed a true multi-hyphenate. His latest venture tests the waters of high fashion.

Eco-Sustainable Techno-Poetry: Daan Roosegaarde

Daan Roosegaarde’s projects are aimed at the future and the sustainability of the individual. Thanks to technology, every work Roosegaarde creates is visual and immersive poetry.

Calen Knauf’s Case for Specialization

Industrial designer Calen Knauf won the Rising Star Award at the Stockholm Furniture Fair 2017 and has collaborated with companies including Stüssy and Tetra.

Careful Curation with Éditions 8888

Born in Montréal, a city notorious for its counterculture, Éditions 8888 nestles itself between the disciplines of postmodernism, brutalism, punk, sci-fi … we could go

Disco Daydreaming at Lland Studio

Rachel Shillander wants to explore her architectural ambitions – which she says are here for the long haul – through functional and decorative furniture, objects,

Shrouding Light with Stamatios Fragos

The power of the internet purveys in the case of Stamatios Fragos, a designer whose lamps, which combine traditional elements of design with a concept of concealed illumination.

Intuitive Creation with Yasmin Bawa

Experimentation, in terms of both medium and process, delineates Yasmin Bawa’s Berlin-based practice where she designs various objects, furniture and spaces. Evidently, instinctive trial and error pays off.

Cory Henry’s Narrative Architecture

As an educator and practitioner, Cory Henry knows the architectural discipline is burdened with social responsibility. In an exclusive for FRONTRUNNER, Cory Henry discusses inspiration, academic obstacles, plus how context and culture informs a bigger design narrative.

FRONTRUNNER Meets Studio Dainelli

Exploring themes of balance, proportionality and shape in their timeless products, Dainelli Studio’s research (helmed by founders Leonardo and Marzia Dainelli) has led to prestigious collaborations with brands such as Gallotti&Radice, Mogg, and Fendi Casa.

In Conversation with Architect Aziza Chaouni

Aziza Chaouni holds a M.A of Architecture from the Harvard Graduate School of Design and a B.Sc in Civil Engineering from Columbia University. She is the founder of Aziza Chaouni Projects and assistant professor at the John H. Daniels Faculty of Architecture, Landscape, and Design at University of Toronto.

FRONTRUNNER Meets Architect Afaina de Jong

Alongside her own architecture practice, Afaina de Jong has lectured at Columbia University, Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) and KTH (Stockholm). She is the incoming head of the Contextual Design MA department at Design Academy Eindhoven, and an active educator at TU Delft and The Sandberg Institute.

Agustina Bottoni: Emotional Explorations in Design

For Agustina Bottoni, design is about emotional evocation. Combining small-scale craftsmanship and personal experimentation, Bottoni has created a diverse portfolio of furniture, textile and industrial