What Do Galleries Owe Us?

FRONTRUNNER Editor-In-Chief Shana Beth Mason shares her thoughts on the history, status, and future of the contemporary art gallery’s people.

Jann Wenner Is Wrong. Here’s Why.

Rolling Stone’s co-founder has grossly, and incorrectly, exaggerated the dominion of white men in the history of Rock n’ Roll.

How Live Venues Exploit Emerging Artists

MUSICRUNNER Editor David Pinkerton illuminates how live music venues take revenue from musicians, how this trend began, and what to do next.

Something Afoul at Artforum

Editor-In-Chief Shana Beth Mason assesses, and comments on, the recent dismissal of Artforum’s Editor-In-Chief, David Velasco.

On The Body Horror Genre: What Is It and What’s Next

FRONTRUNNER Film Editor Csilla Tornallyay explores the body horror genre, its most notable filmmakers, and why the genre itself is under pressure to adapt to a rapidly-changing global audience.

Reaction Videos: A Renaissance for Vintage Music

There is an emergent phenomenon, though, starting to appear online: that is, introducing younger people to older music and discovering it on their own terms. I’m talking about YouTube ‘reaction videos.’

The perfect art museum doesn’t exi- or, does it?

I had few expectations for my first visit to a museum outside the borders of a major, international city like New York or London. But, behold: I think I have found, what comes mighty close to, an ideal environment for absorbing visual art.

AI and Music: Doom and Gloom?

FRONTRUNNER Music Editor David Pinkerton offers his thoughts on the state, and future, of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the music industry.

A Brush With L.A.

Like everything you’ve likely heard about L.A., everything and everyone seems surreal. As if they existed, but in some parallel dimension witnessed from afar.

This One Time, at Art Basel Miami Beach…

Ah, Miami. A swirling, decadent, poser’s paradise: a hurricane of alcohol, VIP passes to who-knows-what, waiting outside a celebrity-sponsored dinner/party praying for an impossible invite.

Finding My Mentor

My first mentor in the art world began simply as a name. A name uttered by one, repeated by many, heard while I was pursuing my Master’s degree in London in the autumn of 2007.