A Q&A With David Rimanelli

From our Inaugural Fall 2019 print issue, FRONTRUNNER is proud to present a special conversation with the elusive, celebrated art critic and theorist David Rimanelli.

Tearing The Veil, Part II. with Johan Grimonprez

It’s not every day that an artist interview veers into animal intelligence, eco-activism, and Carl Sagan. My first discussion with the Belgian artist/filmmaker was meant to be straightforward. It was anything but.

Tearing The Veil, Part I. with Johan Grimonprez

FRONTRUNNER presents Part I of our 2021 interview with acclaimed Belgian filmmaker and lecturer Johan Grimonprez, reflecting on his works, his searing critique of established historical narratives, and the changing architecture of visual literacy.

Piercing the Supernatural with Laurent Grasso

FRONTRUNNER is proud to present a discussion of the supernatural, and how an artist might somehow pierce its veil, with the Paris-based, internationally celebrated artist and filmmaker Laurent Grasso.

FRONTRUNNER Meets Okuda San Miguel

His Pop Surrealist works are monumental, eccentric and emanate positive vibrations with a strong emotional impact thanks to colour and harmonic shapes. Meet Óscar San Miguel Erice, aka Okuda San Miguel.

The Collision and Fusion of East and West: Hannah Lim

As a person of mixed Singaporean and British heritage, Hannah Lim creates furniture-like sculptures with a combination of both the East and the West elements in response to her cultural identity and experience.

Healing The Soul with Marinella Senatore

FRONTRUNNER meets distinguished Italian artist Marinella Senatore. Among her accolades are the MAXXI Prize (Rome), the Castello di Rivoli Fellowship (Torino), The American Academy in Rome Fellowship, The New York Prize and the Dena Foundation Fellowship.

An Uncomfortable Truth Spoken Out Loud: Maurizio Cattelan

FRONTRUNNER is proud to present a one-on-one discussion with Maurizio Cattelan, who describes art as “A provocation is nothing more than an uncomfortable truth spoken aloud, and art sometimes succeeds where words cannot reach.”

Sanford Biggers: The FRONTRUNNER Interview

Between symbolism and history, Sanford Biggers’ practice is a mix of elements ranging from marble to fabrics, which reinterpret facts of the past through a contemporary lens in paintings, sculptures, installations, videos, films and performances.

From Tuscany to the International Scene: Massimo Bartolini

Massimo Bartolini (b. Cecina, 1962) trained at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence, and his artistic experimentation took shape through multiple mediums in relation to space and its perception. Works made of lights and shadows, of static and dynamic elements.

From the YBA’s to Today: Mat Collishaw

Matthew, or simply “Mat”, Collishaw, is among the group of artists known as the Young British Artists (or YBAs) who studied at Goldsmiths’ College in London in the late 1980s. FRONTRUNNER is pleased to present a dialogue with one of the contemporary art worlds’ first mavericks.

Alexi Marshall: Female Bodies and Folklore

Alexi Marshall celebrates womanhood in her practice, emphasising unapologetic female bodies. Drawing on print, fabric, and mosaics, she subverts gendered stereotypes through her work.

Digital Empathy: Miltos Manetas

Before the Metaverse, before you heard of NFTs or digital art, something was brewing for Greek artist Miltos Manetas. He was there right at the beginning of it all, searching for digital empathy.

On Meditation, Nature and Serendipity: Eitan Ben Moshe

Eitan Ben Moshe was born Haifa, Israel. He studied at the Kalisher Art School and completed his postgraduate studies at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem. He has also studied Art and Buddhism at the Shambhala Meditation Center in New York City.

A Conversation with Mira Schor

FRONTRUNNER is proud to present a conversation with painter, theorist, educator, and critic Mira Schor.

The Fairytale Art World of Alice Ronchi

In the rural landscape where she grew up, who better understands the importance of contact with the life of nature. We’re talking about artist Alice Ronchi, born near Piacenza, in Emilia-Romagna.

A One-On-One With Monica Bonvicini

“I think one strong reason why I wanted to become an artist is that I was terrified by the idea of getting up every day and do the same thing”. With these words, Monica Bonvicini begins our interview.

Francesca Leone: The FRONTRUNNER Interview

An internationally-renowned painter, Francesca Leone is the daughter of art, literally. Her father is director and producer Sergio Leone, the originator of the spaghetti-western film genre and one who had redefined the American gangster movie.

Justin Mortimer: Enigmas and Paradoxes  

Justin Mortimer’s work operates in an enigmatic world that is both surreal and realist. His paintings are marked by implicit figures and apocalyptic landscapes. Mortimer mostly works in oils and acrylics, playing on elusive paradoxes.

The Poetic Research of Alessandro Piangiamore

From coral to flowers, from concrete to wax, Alessandro Piangiamore’s practice is so versatile that it leaves nothing to chance. Having “grown up with Etna on the horizon”, his figure culminates in the contrast emerging from each work in a poetic and clear way, into its essence.

Nona Inescu: Bodies In Nature

Connecting human bodies with nature is the focus of Nona Inescu’s practice. The Romanian artist explores our relationship with the natural world, redefining perceptions of the environment.

David Datuna: The Hungry Artist

Georgian-American artist David Datuna shocked the contemporary art world with a performance called Hungry Artist (2019-2021), where he dismounted Maurizio Cattelan’s infamous $120,000 banana, and consumed it.

Remodelling Tradition: Abraham Kritzman

Abraham Kritzman’s practice spans across painting, sculpture, printmaking and installation. He is inspired by travel, combining historical sources with modern techniques.

FRONTRUNNER Introduces Moses Hamborg

Introducing Moses Hamborg: an emerging portraitist from Huntington Beach, California. He talks about his origins, his acceptance into Kehinde Wiley’s Black Rock Residency, and the importance of memory in creating art.

Feeling Time and Vibration: Bianco-Valente

Italian duo Giovanna Bianco and Pino Valente, better known as Bianco-Valente, have documented anthropological aspects through the relationship between body and mind since 1994.

Sonny: Staying True to the Moment

We all know that feeling when we’re watching someone talk about something they’re passionate about: their hobbies, hopes and dreams. Whether that’s someone close to

Clare Woods’ Lockdown Paintings

The COVID-19 pandemic has been tumultuous and anxiety-ridden for the creative world. But for British artist Clare Woods, it’s proven to be an extraordinary catalyst.

Elisabetta Benassi and Returning to the Past

Through multiple modes of expression, Italian artist Elisabetta Benassi recounts the socio-cultural and artistic traditions that have characterized the 20th century.

A Contemporary Indian Lens: Vasantha Yogananthan

Photographer Vasantha Yogananthan uses a contemporary lens to reimagine India’s founding epic of Hindu mythology, the Ramayana, in his seven-part series A Myth of Two Souls.

El Cavo: For Arts’ Sake

‘Are you an artist or a machine?’ Prolific artist, El Cavo, ends the interview with the above. A question that, among other things, grabs us

FRONTRUNNER Meets Alastair Mackinven

FRONTRUNNER presents our Summer 2020 cover feature: an intense, illuminating discussion with Alastair Mackinven during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Beverly Brodsky: A (Re)Introduction

A FRONTRUNNER Exclusive: Artist, lecturer, educator and illustrator Beverly Brodsky is presented to a new generation of readers and viewers.


There’s a certain satisfaction in discovering an artist by mistake, in a gallery you were never meant to be at, in the first place. Stumbling

Time is Dust: Agustina Woodgate

Buenos Aires-born artist Agustina Woodgate walks FRONTRUNNER through her work for The Armory Show 2020 with Spinello Projects, Miami.

Eastward, ho! Flatland Projects in Hastings

Artists Ben Urban and Billy Stanley are the forces behind Flatlands Project: an alternative project space in Hastings, on England’s southastern coast.

First Nations Curator Wanda Nanibush

FRONTRUNNER meets Wanda Nanibush, an Anishinaabe curator, artist, author and educator. She is Curator of Indigenous Art at the Art Gallery of Ontario.

Newest from Norwich: Alec Cumming

Alec Cumming is an emerging artist from Norwich, UK. He’s exhibited at venues in Los Angeles, New Delhi, and with The Edit Gallery in Limassol, Cyprus.

A Q&A With C-Print Journal

Ashik and Koshik Zaman are the driving force behind Stockholm-based C-Print: a non-profit focused on increasing the visibility of diverse artistic voices.


FRONTRUNNER meets artist C.Finley, known for dazzling, revived Renaissance icons and deco-graphic landscapes. She divdes her time between New York and Rome.

Colouring the Soul: Caterina Silva

Italian painter/performance artist Caterina Silva describes her practice and how living a nomadic existence shapes her professional and personal journey.

Every Color At COMO: Hamra Abbas

Visual artist Hamra Abbas introduces her fluid practice and her latest exhibition, Every Color Is A Shade of Black, at the COMO Museum in Lahore, Pakistan.

Miranda Lundberg & Works by Friends

Miranda Lundberg founded Works By Friends last year as a curated art project to offer pop-up exhibitions, limited edition prints, and online studio visits to a group of artists that she felt were seeking a new path in today’s art world.

POSITIONS Berlin: Face to Face

FRONTRUNNER speaks with the co-directors of POSITIONS Berlin, Heinrich Carstens and Kristian Jarmuschek about the future of, and new visions for, art fairs.

In (And Out Of) The Blue: Theodora Allen

Soft, yet precise. LA-based artist Theodora Allen’s tableau of works offers an ethereal image of nature; of worldly objects and untamed beasts.

Shezad Dawood’s Leviathan

British artist Shezad Dawood (London, 1974) is known for his multimedia practice that deconstructs systems of image, language, site and narrative.

Unbound: Abel Azcona

FRONTRUNNER spoke to Spanish artist Abel Azcona (Madrid, 1988) to talk – without inhibitory brakes or moral laws – about his life, his art, and his forthcoming projects. Azcona is a performer and uses the story of his intimate personal life to free himself from chains of the past that have marked him to this day.

FRONTRUNNER Meets Curator Daria Khan

Daria Khan is a founder and curator of Mimosa House, an independent non-profit project space in London. Khan is an independent curator, who graduated with an MA in Curating Contemporary Art at the Royal College of Art in 2013.

Gabriele De Santis and the Balance in Art

The artistic practice of Gabriele De Santis (Rome, 1983) was created on the basis of one modus operandi: between installations and painting in which nature, space, and the matter of things become a single conceptual form from which the user will interpret the work, themselves.

Andrea Galvani: The Sound of Silence

Andrea Galvani’s work is that art where nothing is left to chance, a result of his continuous travels around the world from one airport to another.

The Melancholy Soul of Kyle Thompson

Loneliness, space, time and silence. They are the keys to reading Kyle Thompson’s photography. The abandoned, isolated and melancholic environments open sensitive horizons that the spectator is invited to grasp in every image.

Ben Edmunds and his Aspirational Equipment

When Ben Edmunds began thinking of where he wanted his life to lead, there was not one clear answer. As time progressed, he began ticking off things that he knew he ‘definitely did not want to do’ and soon found one constant that remained: art.

Daniele Sigalot: When Being an Artist is an Option

Starting from airplanes that look like paper, but in reality they’re made of polished or colored aluminium. Daniele Sigalot fully represents his world of contrasts and contradictions that find logic between journeys and ideas that arise during work.

Renaissance Reimagined, Reignited: Negin Sharifzadeh

Negin Sharifzadeh’s recent photographs, sculptures and animations challenge the eternal Feminine in the history of Renaissance art to reinterpret and represent Middle Eastern histories.

CIBO: Urban Art Against Hatred

Pier Paolo Spinazzè (1982) a.k.a. Cibo, is an international street artist with his aim at peace and union, without distinction. For over twenty years, his modus operandi has been to transform any written element or symbol of hatred within various cities into culinary forms.


In the age of social media, expressive vanity has become a mainstay of contemporary culture; from the more clever, subtle expressions of beauty and talent

Photographing Limbo: A Conversation with Ronit Porat

Ronit Porat’s collage-like procedure may be classed as a Dadaist photomontage method. She uses these images, which she alters by means of trimming, in order to allow new narratives to arise and historical boundaries to become visible in her installations.

Jacob Hicks: Painting Against the Dark Arts

Through his art, Brooklyn-based painter Jacob Hicks has decided to add to the many voices of displeasure in speaking out against the Trump administration with a portrait of 100 women “in defiance of sexism”.

FRONTRUNNER Meets London-Based Graffiti Life

Success as an artist was, once upon a time, defined as that moment when one’s work found a home on the white walls of a gallery. Anything found outside those walls was labelled as a scribble, defacement, or outright vandalism. Enter London-based collective Graffiti Life.

Nicolas Holiber: Birds on Broadway

Nicolas Holiber has taken on an ambitious public sculpture project in New York with the Broadway Mall Association and Audubon Society.  Ten massive birds were installed last week: each New York City bird is in danger of extinction due to threats caused by climate change.

Exploration/Excavation: An Interview with Shaan Syed

The words “FRUIT”, “MILK”, “SHADE” don’t immediately spark associations with wilful protest. Text and spontaneous production are both qualities that underpin the practice of London-based visual artist Shaan Syed.


La Biennale di Venezia – the 58th International Art Exhibition – saw thousands toting their trademark canvas goodie bags filled with heavy art catalogues as they wandered across the two main sites at the Giardini and Arsenale. The exhibition, May We Live in Interesting Times, opened on May 11 and will run till November 24, with visual material from artists representing 89 different countries.

Grow, Melt, Radiate: Sarah Bereza

Sarah Bereza is building an army with a graceful craft that tames the fluid shifts of her sensual forms.  She sharpens her tools to playfully eliminate distinctions between painting and sculpture.

Bold and Sometimes Gold: PARADICE PALASE

PARADICE PALASE is the joyful curatorial project of Kat Ryals and Lauren Hirshfield that seeks to confront limitations in the art world by building an artist-first, community-minded and inclusive model.

Do What You Must: A Q&A With Ryan McCann

Ryan McCann has no other choice. “If anyone is consciously considering becoming an artist, I’d say, do anything else,” says McCann, with a combination of

Bare With Me: Hernease Davis

Hernease Davis stretches herself and stories across photograms, cyanotypes, performance and craft to emphasize self-care through the artistic process. Her photograms and cyanotypes are created

Self-Fulfilling Loop: Jo Shane’s DISCLAIMER

Jo Shane’s work investigates themes of desire, consumption and human nature through a viscerally personal lens.  We caught her installation DISCLAIMER in a transformed garage at Wallplay ON CANAL.

Gelatin Joy with Alison Kuo

Alison Kuo’s artworks examine power and class dynamics through the language of food. Her participatory performances invite her audience to collaborate, and to eat, within the framework of an installation.

Naima Green: The FRONTRUNNER Interview

Brooklyn-based artist Naima Green is best known for her photographic portraits with a patient, thoughtful energy that belies a quietly radical and kaleidoscopic vision.

Exclusive: Betty Tompkins x FRONTRUNNER for ART BASEL MIAMI BEACH 2018

For Art Basel Miami Beach 2018, Frontrunner Magazine and Betty Tompkins present an exclusive zine that showcases her new work, alongside a double Q&A with Tompkins and gallerist Rodolphe Janssen. Tompkins will be represented by rodolphe janssen (Brussels) and P.P.O.W Gallery (New York) at the fair.

Pigeon Pat: The Interview

Pigeon Pat is a Brooklyn-based pigeon-flyer, sculptor and zine-maker who is a part of one of New York City’s unique, longstanding subcultures.

In Pictures: Aziz + Cucher in London

Frieze Week in London is generally designed to do two things: attract celebrities to snap their Instagram photos in front of all manner of artworks

An Interview With Gallerist Tarrah Von Lintel

After 15 successful years in New York, in 2015 gallerist Tarrah Von Lintel relocated her gallery to a new, larger space in the Culver City neighborhood in Los Angeles.

EDDYSROOM Goes Global: An Interview With Austin Eddy

With no home, where do you go? Your friend’s house usually. So following that train of thought, I started reaching out to people and discussing the idea of moving the shows to other new venues.

Emily Nachison: A Lustrous Glow with “Dust to Dust”

Our shows are driven by the exploration of ideas. For example, “ The Threads of Fate” , the inaugural exhibition at “Dust to Dust,” positioned mark-making as being intimately linked to the acts of conjuring, divination, and the reimagining of events.

Marko Stout: Erotic Allure, Candyland of Color

There’s certainly sexual elements to many of the pieces, but I really wouldn‘t say my work is erotic art. I don’t like classifications it seems way too limiting.

Darryl Westly: Dreaming the American Dream 

At times I believe making art is about recreating the self, and finding the courage to expose that to the world. The fear lies in being misunderstood. So I believe that is my goal in a sense, to be misunderstood. 

Rohitash Rao: Fake Records, Real Art

With talent as a musician (he grew up playing the accordion) and artist, creative savant Ro combines his passions to create something uniquely spectacular. Remembering

Emma Stern’s New Universe

A creator of “digital vacations.” Brooklyn-based painter Emma Stern integrates animation, virtual reality, and fantasy worlds into a new universe.

Hurray for Hollyweird: A Q&A with Hollywood Mural Project Curator Jill C. Weisberg

I thought it was a great opportunity to elevate it: more cultured, richer, more inviting, more surprising. To make it more interesting, because these downtowns are dying as more people buy things on Amazon or go to the mall. But Downtown Hollywood is doing well, and I think it has something to do with the Mural Project.

Denton Burrows: King of Color, Master of Form

Art is input and art is life, that’s the beauty of being an artist, anything can inspire us and we must be open to experiences and opportunities and always working to get better.

Andrew Brischler: Lonely Planet

..his paintings and color-pencil drawings are raw, undulating, boldly unflinching glimpses into the visual modalities with which we process words and shapes: loud colors, geometric tessellations, and surreal motion

Leigh McCarthy: Intensely Sublime

Leigh McCarthy has spun these seemingly alien elements into a critical lens on a very real, very fragile environment: the seas.

Walking Every Line: A Q&A with Xaviera Simmons

It’s been quite a mentally violent “awakening”. OVERLAY is actually a poetic answer to the kind of violence we are enduring, especially as that violence relates to women’s bodies and women’s civil, political and personal rights.

One Beguiling Belgian: Jean-Baptiste Bernadet

It’s crucial to me that what I offer to the viewer remains as open as it can be, open to interpretation and all sorts of feelings. All of my work is about that, about facilitating feelings and allowing the viewer to be responsive.

Alt + Esc: No Vacancy II

The founders of Alt + Esc share why they’re rebelling against the traditional art world.

Escaping the Art Fair Norm with SPRING/BREAK

Established and emerging artists share rooms, for free, in underused and historic New York City spaces. We approve everything that comes in, not only for quality control, but for our sense of its relevance in the current cultural climate and our own personal tastes.

Alex McQuilkin: The Artist of Self-Discovery

I would essentially destroy or obliterate myself in the attempt to match myself to a certain image. And it always involved a tremendous loss- those works are all really tragic because they illuminate what happens when you are willing to abandon everything else in favor of the image.

Andy Mister: Reproduction & Representation

In general I’m interested in taking content that was meant to document something historical and re-cropping or framing it in a way that is more aesthetic and less documentary, to undercut some of that “authority.”

Karin Haas: Sculptural Lines

I wanted to narrow down my ideas and push my patterns and lines to a minimal state while focusing on more movement within a still life. I continue to build on these ideas and I feel that my work is constantly evolving because I am constantly exploring.

Michael Alan: Translating the Moment

The energetic portraits that I create are inspired by the person, their energy, sound, their movements, how the blood flows in their face.

Joe Ballweg: Jazz Burger Drool

Don’t be optimistic or pessimistic! Be alive! Art that embraces the good, the bad, the frenzied and the absurd is where it’s at.

Shelter Serra: Empty the American Dream

He is a free agent, able to move about seamlessly though variant circles of contemporary art, both high and low. He seems to revel in movement, even though the things he references in his work are highly static and petrified.

Sophia Narrett: Sewing Subversion

I was looking for more of a material connection than I had personally felt with paint and with the rectangular image. But in the moment, it felt really spontaneous. Thread solved a lot of the problems I had in painting–formally. That is also why I ran with it. It forced me to slow down.

Noguchi Breton: Real Art in Miami

Miami isn’t just Basel. Repeat (and clarify): Miami is NOT just the week of Art Basel Miami Beach and its surrounding festivities.

EDDYSROOM: Out of the Galleries and Into The Closet

Who would have guessed that a closet in a Greenpoint apartment would be a captivating way to show cutting-edge art, as well as bring together a supportive community of artists and art viewers?

Grace Johnson: A Clean Still Life

“It reduces stress! Increases your metabolism! Detoxifies the body! Strengthens your immune system!” That alone was sort of interesting to me. Can it also ward off evil spirits? Prevent clumsiness? Make me appreciate jazz?

Alessandro Roma: Stone Cold Beauty

There’s the kind of synthetic, pre-fabricated “beauty” you could find on Instagram, nowadays, and then there’s unmitigated, elevated beauty.

Ryan Schneider: Finding Clarity And Inspiration In The Desert

I’d like to make work on a more detailed and sensory level. I came to Joshua Tree to live more intentionally and be able to experience my life as it happens rather than trying to catch up. I want to connect–I want people that look at my work to feel something transformative.

Chad Crews: The Decisive Moment

It took time to build up the confidence to take pictures of people. I started out timid, shooting from the hip and hiding the camera. I hated that feeling – and the shots were terrible. But after a couple of weeks of studying and practicing in the city, it got easier.

Juan Fontanive: Birds, Butterflies, and Animated Machines

I tend to look at things in a more abstract way. Even when I am using more representational imagery, I am thinking in abstract terms. For example, butterflies are viewed more as pieces of color and shapes.

Jenny Morgan: Painting Body and Spirit

I felt that I was turning myself inside-out, turning white-to-black and vice versa held strong symbolic meaning psychologically. I started to dream about the paintings. They came alive and communicated to me why they needed to exist.

Kiley Ames: Fragmenting the Figure

I like the contradiction of a really raw and simple material combined with these fragmented pieces. That’s how I see my life and people in general.

Samuel T. Adams: The Language and Performance of Painting

I made these masked geometric paintings based on collage and thought, “These are awesome.” Then I went to Holland for a month on a residency, came back and thought, “These are awful.” I started destroying them by wet-sanding them and I noticed what was happening.

Jesse Chun: Home As A Metaphor

My notion of home–or the way I like to challenge the existing notion of home–is that home is not necessarily a stable thing. It can be in flux and fluid.

Erica Reade: Discovering the Artistic Voice

I have observed a human behavior that changes at the beach. There is something different about how we interact with each other there, especially how couples interact. I am looking for something specific that just does not happen on the subway or in a park.

Roland Gebhardt: A Minimalist’s Take on Identity

I was interested in seeing how masks would work with my minimalist vocabulary. Once they were on people who began walking around, I could not help but start telling stories.

Christopher Kardambikis: Self-Publish!

It’s a form that exists in different worlds. It can be incredibly private but still reach a large audience. I can spend solitary hours in my Paper Cave, folding and gluing and sewing until the sun comes up – but the book also allows me to interact with a large community.

Austin Irving: Not an Exit

I realized that I was interested in locations that were built for function and how, because of their utility and banality, these spaces are often overlooked.

Corinne Beardsley: Head On

Stories incite reflection, responses to sensations, and encourage engagement with the work. Its important to meet visitors at each point as they traverse through the space.

Andre Woolery: Freedom of Expression

As a black man in the United States he decided to turn his attention and focus towards challenging the traditions of popular culture while celebrating black culture and the black experience at the same time.

Joanie LeMercier: Bright Matter

Today, there is a group of artists questioning the creative use of light and our perceptions of brightness in space using all the tools offered by the modern technological age.

Brandon Sines: Frankly Speaking

I don’t like sketching first… I just put the paint down and have learned to embrace the mistakes because they usually make it better.

Anja Ulfeldt : Sound Specific

I’m a person who has an intricate relationship with my auditory environment. I’m always thinking “what is that sound?” “Where is that coming from?” I have to satisfy my curiosity.

Charlie Rubin: Strange Paradise

His work is engaging, walking the fine line between fact and fiction, nodding to altered perspectives, and our own relationship to reality in a digital age.

Greg Stimac: Americana

My work is a study and meditation into the slippery notion of American identity, quietly for myself to process, and publicly to contribute what the process yields.

Amir H. Fallah: You Can’t Fake This

Amir H. Fallah, an artist and founder of Beautiful/Decay Magazine, found acceptance and inspiration in the photocopied ‘zines, punk rock music, graffiti, and skateboarding of his youth.

Matt Mignanelli: Abstractionist in Black

Matt Mignanelli is a modern painter. An Abstractionist, Mignanelli’s paintings explore the relationship between structure and nature, employing gradating light and structural elements to create enigmatic environments. He draws inspiration from energy, pattern, light, and the industrial landscape.

Norman Reedus, Canon PIXMA Host NYC Local Photo Installation

PIXMA PRO City Senses installation of Canon PIXMA PRO printers producing the collection of intimate Coney Island moments, all shot by local photographers, Aaron Warkov and Robin Riley, and host Norman Reedus (AMC’s The Walking Dead).

Adam Mignanelli: Ballast Projects

Ballast Projects is not a space, not just a gallery, but a curatorial initiative founded by Adam Mignanelli, an artist, curator, and champion of a new generation of emerging New York painters.

Andrew Piccone: This has got to stop.

Andrew Piccone is a Brooklyn based artist and photographer. This past June, Piccone took a photo each day of the month, for what has become an annual project called This Has Got to Stop

Lemia Monet Bodden: Respond & Rebuild

Lemia Monet Bodden is a fine art photographer based in Brooklyn. She created a series of photos for the disaster relief organization Respond and Rebuild working in the Rockaways post-Hurricane Sandy.

Brian Fernandes-Halloran: Sculptural Memory

Brian Fernandes-Halloran is an artist intent on creating compelling narratives, perceptions, and interactions. Brian’s most recent work uses sculpture and found objects to explore the nature of memory.

Michael Bartalos: High Tech and Low Tech

Michael Bartalos’ work draws from contemporary and ancient typography, space technology, and a unique depth of influences, inspirations, and concepts.

Guno Park

I draw everyday. Sometimes for 6-8 hours and sometimes for one hour. I usually draw on the train too on my commutes. I love to draw. It brings me joy to draw everyday. It’s like a visual journal.

Interview with Marela Zacarias

Marela Zacarias, a Gowanus based artist, currently has her work on display at the Brooklyn Museum as part of the second season of Raw/Cooked.


The New York City downtown street artist LEGHEAD and photographer Richard Koek teamed up to create a small magazine featuring photographs and artwork.

Julie Orr: Art Socially Sculpted

We consume plastic and are consumed by it. I am interested in our obsession with the material which is a part of almost every person’s life on the planet yet very toxic and damaging.

Adam Ryder: Perceived Reality

Adam Ryder is a photographer and visual artist whose works are currently featured at UpriseArt. Michael Fasciano and Courtney Weinblatt recently visited Adam at his Studio in South Williamsburg, which is forged out of an old autobody shop.

Langdon Graves: Mind, Body, Belief

Langdon Graves is a Brooklyn Based Sculptor and Artist, as well as a lecturer at the Parsons Institute for Art and Design.