Walking The Line and Beyond: Julian Opie

FRONTRUNNER is proud to present a discussion with one of the pioneers of the New British Sculpture movement, internationally-renowned artist Julian Opie.

Ready For A Close-Up With Paul Rhys

Our Film Editor speaks with Welsh actor Paul Rhys on his triple-film run with featured roles in Saltburn, Napoleon and Men Up.

The Band Down Under: Ocean Alley

Life can be a monotonous cycle of bleak days and nights. Ocean Alley brings people down to Earth, connecting with what makes them feel alive.

Adam Abdalla and the Art of Doing It All

Adam Abdalla is the president of New York-based consultancy Cultural Counsel. He is a globally-recognised advisor, public relations and global branding specialist.


Tearing The Veil, Part I. with Johan Grimonprez

FRONTRUNNER presents Part I of our 2021 interview with acclaimed Belgian filmmaker and lecturer Johan Grimonprez, reflecting on his works, his searing critique of established historical narratives, and the changing architecture of visual literacy.

Piercing the Supernatural with Laurent Grasso

FRONTRUNNER is proud to present a discussion of the supernatural, and how an artist might somehow pierce its veil, with the Paris-based, internationally celebrated artist and filmmaker Laurent Grasso.

FRONTRUNNER Meets Okuda San Miguel

His Pop Surrealist works are monumental, eccentric and emanate positive vibrations with a strong emotional impact thanks to colour and harmonic shapes. Meet Óscar San Miguel Erice, aka Okuda San Miguel.

The Collision and Fusion of East and West: Hannah Lim

As a person of mixed Singaporean and British heritage, Hannah Lim creates furniture-like sculptures with a combination of both the East and the West elements in response to her cultural identity and experience.


Alexander Abaturov on Paradise

Every summer, the front pages of newspapers around the world are filled with images of wildfires. Burning through millions of acres of land a year,

Ken August Meyer on Angel Applicant

After being diagnosed with systemic scleroderma, a rare autoimmune disease, filmmaker Ken August Meyer found himself reexamining the works of 20th century Swiss-German artist Paul

Femme: A Genre-bending, Neo-Noir, Queer Thriller Feature Film

If you’re not familiar with the neo-noir, queer thriller genre, you’re about to be. FRONTRUNNER meets directors Sam Freeman and Ng Choon Ping, exploring groundbreaking onscreen territory with their debut feature film.


The Moss: Music From the Heart

Bred in Hawaii and based in Utah, The Moss blends their island roots with an alternative rock groove to form their distinctive sound.

Getting to Know IRONTOM

Brimming with irony and peculiarity, California-native band, IRONTOM, pays homage to the strange side of life.

The Sound of Summer: Sun Room

Bursting with energy, ready to soak up the summer and leave the worries of “real life” behind. This is what listening to Sun Room is like.

Belters Only: It Was Inevitable

Belters Only, whose name needs no explanation, is Bissett and RobbieG. From the same club in Dublin, they’ve both been in the house music scene for over a decade.

Loose Buttons: Just Guys Being Dudes

Loose Buttons released their debut album, Something Better, right before the pandemic. With the world unraveling, the band used lockdown to learn and grow.

Lights, Camera, Action Bronson!

Action Bronson. A rapper, writer, chef, and television presenter. He chats with FRONTRUNNER about his latest album, Only For Dolphins.

Barclay Stacking Bar Stool in Dark Gray Cord
Mott Sideboard in Smoked Oak
Alaster Task Lamp


Silva Cunningham: The Sketchbooks of Growing Up

Silva Cunningham created a youth culture magazine called Plates Of Meat one year ago. In her words, “The entire thing is about the process of growing up and figuring itself out”.

Enrico Caruso Centenary: A Tenor for All Time

Even today, his voice is among the most important in the history of world music and the first voice of Italian music to cross the ocean. We speak of tenor Enrico Caruso.

Jazmyn W: A Rising Comedic Force

Leaving a six-figure corporate job for the world of standup comedy is brave. But, if your name is Jazmyn W, that gambit has already paid off.

An Interview with Curator Taras Matla

Taras W. Matla is the Associate Director of the University of Maryland (UMD) Art Gallery. He’s worked for the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and the J. Paul Getty Trust.


Vacationing in Stockholm with your teens

ART The Snösätra Graffiti Wall of Fame is a good way to experience some contemporary art outside a gallery or museum. The Snösatra Graffiti Wall

You should explore Stockholm’s art scene

Stockholm is an ideal destination for any student interested in the arts. Museums almost always offer student discounts, and straying away from the touristy Gamla


Maria Cristina Didero and the Golden Age of Design: Design Miami/ 2022

The art and design storm that looms over Miami for the first full weekend in December wrapped up, ushering out a big crowd and millions of dollars with it. Under her guidance, curatorial director Maria Cristina Didero’s Design Miami/ fairs had an overarching theme of The Golden Age.

Fin Simonetti’s Magical Thinking

Fin Simonetti works in sculpture and stained glass. She received her BFA from the Ontario College of Art and Design and has exhibited internationally at Matthew Brown (Los Angeles), Cooper Cole (Toronto), and MoMA PS1.

Where Design Meets High Fashion: Carl Gerges

As an architect, photographer, composer, and member of the giant Lebanese rock band Mashrou’ Leila, Carl Gerges can be deemed a true multi-hyphenate. His latest venture tests the waters of high fashion.

Eco-Sustainable Techno-Poetry: Daan Roosegaarde

Daan Roosegaarde’s projects are aimed at the future and the sustainability of the individual. Thanks to technology, every work Roosegaarde creates is visual and immersive poetry.

Calen Knauf’s Case for Specialization

Industrial designer Calen Knauf won the Rising Star Award at the Stockholm Furniture Fair 2017 and has collaborated with companies including Stüssy and Tetra.

Careful Curation with Éditions 8888

Born in Montréal, a city notorious for its counterculture, Éditions 8888 nestles itself between the disciplines of postmodernism, brutalism, punk, sci-fi … we could go


Finding Peace and Beauty with Farida Bustani

The seaside town resort of El Gouna, near Hurghada is a picturesque town built along the Red Sea shore. It has distinct architectural styles, adjoining

Ziyang Wu: Cutting Through The Noise

Born and raised in Xuzhou (Jiangsu Province, China), Ziyang Wu is a contemporary artist teaching at the School of Visual Arts in New York City.

The Art of Life and Death with Vern Rattapoom

Thai artist Rattapoom Piwpantamit (Vern) moved from a small village in Thailand to the city (Bangkok) to pursue his art career. He talks of heart-wrenching

Profile of the Week: Carla Timoc

Romanian artist Carla Timoc, recently graduated from the University of Art and Design receiving a MA degree in Photography. Her work experiments with film format

YngSpc: A space nurturing the future of art

Imagine: an independent, online/offline platform for contemporary art that emphasizes artists early in their careers. Kate Mothes never imagined her blog would turn into a


Finnoula Hughes, Activist

How are you feeling today? This is my first year out as trans at Pride so I’m just feeling independent and incredible Did you get

Brian Schorr, College Professor

What inspired this look today? Is this how you normally dress or is this just for Gay Pride? Gay pride is like “our” Halloween. It’s

Victoria Johnson, Assistant Art Director

Are you visiting New York? Yes, from London How would you compare the vibe here in NYC to London? It’s quite similar. City life and

Sierra Cortner, Social Media Marketing

So, I’m guessing purple is your favorite color? What significance does the color purple have to you? It’s not my favorite color but I recently

Dana Nehdaran, Painter

What’s something you consider “cool” and how would you classify what cool is? Someone who’s outgoing, laid back, and a smooth talker Would you call