Dana Nehdaran, Painter

What’s something you consider “cool” and how would you classify what cool is?

Someone who’s outgoing, laid back, and a smooth talker

Would you call yourself cool?

I think yes, because many people tell me I am. But for me, I feel like I’m cool with people and not as much with myself. For instance, if someone else makes a mistake I’m totally cool with it. But if I make a mistake, I’m not cool with myself.

What influences your style?

I have no preference for the way I dress. I just buy things piece by piece and kind of assemble them together to make a match. I like materials that are comfortable and feel good on the skin, that’s why I wear a lot of velvet.

What brings you at the Armory Show today?

To meet artists and to meet people. I just got here so I haven’t met anyone yet.

IG: @dananehdaran_studio

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