Voice of the People


Finnoula Hughes, Activist

How are you feeling today? This is my first year out as trans at Pride so I’m just feeling independent and incredible Did you get

Brian Schorr, College Professor

What inspired this look today? Is this how you normally dress or is this just for Gay Pride? Gay pride is like “our” Halloween. It’s

Victoria Johnson, Assistant Art Director

Are you visiting New York? Yes, from London How would you compare the vibe here in NYC to London? It’s quite similar. City life and

Sierra Cortner, Social Media Marketing

So, I’m guessing purple is your favorite color? What significance does the color purple have to you? It’s not my favorite color but I recently

Dana Nehdaran, Painter

What’s something you consider “cool” and how would you classify what cool is? Someone who’s outgoing, laid back, and a smooth talker Would you call

Rameet Chawla, Farmer

Can you tell me a little bit about your role as a farmer. What exactly do you do? Do you own land or animals? I

Amy van Doran, Matchmaker

So as a matchmaker, how would you say one finds compatibility in someone else? I think it’s good to start with having a shared value

Nima Veiseh, Painter

How does your fashion and style reflect who you are as an artist? I’m the founder of a clothing company called “Dress Abstract”, which is

Pajtim Osmanaj, Artist

What colors do you like to wear? I go to both extremes. I’m either super shiny like I’m dressed today. A lot of the times

Blair Quinn, Dancer/Artist/Designer

How would you categorize your style and how does it reflect who you are? My style is very “real”. It represents my feelings and my

Dennis Carroll, Photographer and Painter

What do you photograph? I go to a lot of state sales and flea markets and I take pictures of people’s stuff that they’ve been

Angelik Vizcarrondo-Laboy, Curator

As a curator, what kind of artists do you try to find? At art fairs you can get pretty overwhelmed. So I’m looking for something

Val Monrose, Project Manager

What causes are most important to you and why? Sustainability because there’s only one planet. I do birth photography so I travel around the world seeing the

Stacy Martin, Artist

How would you say your art influences your style? Well my interests are in science and so I think I often use a lot nature-influenced

Anastasia Gudko, Art Management

Tell me a little bit about what you do as an art manager. Basically, I do administrative work for artists so they can focus on

Pola Esther, Photographer

So what kind of stuff do you photographer? Mostly people, but sometimes also plants, flowers, vegetables. But most of the time, there is always some

Rania Cornelia, Art Student

You are an artist…why do you paint? I fell in love with painting since I could ever started drawing as a child. It evokes happiness

Eric Fernandez, Armory Show Staff

How would you classify the general crowd of the Armory show this year? It really depends on the day. The morning crowd is different than the

Stephanie Homa, Artist

What would you say inspires your style and why do you wear all these colors? I’m a color addict, anything bright and colorful inspires what

Nyareeta, Artist

So where are you from? I’m from South Sudan.  Can you tell me a little about what it’s like living there? At the moment, there’s

Anna McDonald, Poet

Tell me about your poetry. I write poems about families and cities. Mostly short lyric poems.  How does your role as a mom impact your artistry and

Priyana Rikhy, Digital Artist/UI Designer

As a student studying art what’s something you learned that challenges you? Digital art just challenges me in general and that’s why I like working

Ari Shaljian, Artist

What would you say influences your style and where did you get the inspiration for your hair? A: I’ve just always been into vibrant colors

Tucker Robbins, Artist and Activist

Can you tell me a little about the project you’re doing in Puerto Rico to help with earthquake relief and how it relates to art?

Phoebe Boswell, Artist

So what would you say inspires your art? Not having a place to go, a sense of trying to find what is “home”, and also

Mark Carrasquillo, Makeup Artist

Is there anyone in particular who influences your style? Michael Clark, he’s a dancer. Are you also a dancer? No, I wish. What would you

Yuan Fang, Artist 

What genre of art do you do? Abstract. How would you say you get inspiration for your art? I love modernism and modernistic interior home design. 

Erika Hodges, Writer/Performance Artist

What do you write about? Right now I’m writing about intimacy inside of capitalism and how we can transform that into new ways of living.

Capone Noel, Designer

What inspires and influences your style? Definitely right now, eclectic vibes from the 60s and 70s.  Where do you think fashion is headed right now?

Eileen Caufield, Model

Where are you from and what do you do? LA and I’m a model So what would you say is culturally different from LA and

Sinjun Strom, Photographer

So what kind of things do you photograph? Things I experience, set designs, clothing I create, etc. How would you classify what is “good” photography?

Jhenelle Hill, Hair and Makeup stylist

You’re a big fashionista…how would you classify your style? Right now I’m sporting the equestrian, Ralph Lauren look. For the winter I love over-the-knee boots.

Kenice Miller, Chef

Knowing you’re a dancer,  how would you say movement influences your style?   Regardless of what I’m wearing or where I’m going I always want

Abigail Sickinger, Kavista

Can you tell me exactly what you do with Kava? Yes, so I serve Kava which is a plant medicine from the South Pacific islands.

Jessie Salinas, Artist

How as an artist does your style get inspired?I’m pretty open-minded in terms of how I get inspired artistically, there’s a lot of diversity to

Esther Wolf, Painter

What inspires you as an artist? Your style, your colors, etc? I’m very inspired by women’s issues, especially issues that I’ve faced including body focused

Jamie Colder, Musician

So as a musician where do you think the industry is going right now? There’s more authenticity and less about the “image”. It’s about expressing

Ebony Brown, Artist/Designer

How do your paintings influence your designs and fashion line?My painting allow me to develop a bigger scope of color, texture, energy. The colors are

Nova Zef, Rapper

How do you feel like you can represent female rappers today?I feel like I can show other female rappers that it is possible to have

Nadine Olmo, Dancer

What kind of dance do you do?I consider myself a free spirit so that is reflective in my dance style. I do a lot of

Avina-Kei, Lawyer

How do you think we’ve evolved in our understanding and acceptance of “queer”?Rather than an evolution, we’re realizing that there’s more of a spectrum and

Chris Lavish, Fashion Personality

Which fashion lines do you mostly attire yourself in?I mostly wear the clothes of designers I collaborate with. Models should only wear the clothing of

Amber Edge, Make Up Artist

What are some of your favorite makeup brands and why? I used to love NARS but not anymore because they’re no longer animal testing free

Shaolin, Designer

Growing up in the 60s, what are some things that have changed in the fashion world? Everything is a lot more comfortable. But now I

Maeve Laveau, Artist

So coming from London how do you feel like the energy of NYC is different? There’s a hunger here. To always be doing better, to

Nicolina Tyler, Artist

Performance art is the nouveau trend, why do you think this is? Because it brings people together interactively in unusual ways and it makes people

Marta, Student

Being originally from Lithuania what are your thoughts about being a student in NYC? I come from a city as well so it’s not a

Evan Forman, Engineering Student

What’s a fad that you’ve noticed or are trying to keep up with? I don’t really keep up with fads. I just try to follow

Alana Sola, Fashion Designer

What would you say the “scene” look is right now?  I think it is more eclectic and individualistic mixing different vibes all at once. That

Akeem Duncan, Poet and Publisher

As someone who’s made it in the industry what would you say is good advice for someone looking to get into the creative arts? It

Marquis Maitland, Model

What are the biggest challenges about being in the modeling industry right now? The way you take criticism can really make you feel either empowered

Hannah Deaver, Fashion Executive

As someone working in fashion, what’s the biggest trend you’ve noticed?Mixing high end and low level fashion. People I work with at Saks for example

Gunnar Kortenbach, Artist

What kind of style are you most influenced by? I have a very heavy vintage influence. My family is in the “antiques” so I’ve always

Margeaux Simms, Singer-Songwriter & DJ

Where do you get the inspiration for your style? Other artist’s fashion. Like I love Erykah Badu, I think she’s basically a queen. I love

Paige Esterly, Playwright

Q: As a playwright, what do you think are some pertinent topics that should be addressed on Broadway that are relevant to society right now?A: Hamilton