Stacy Martin, Artist

How would you say your art influences your style?

Well my interests are in science and so I think I often use a lot nature-influenced jewelry and a lot of nature-influenced colors in my clothing.

Do you think it’s important to have a relationship with nature?

Definitely. I used to live in Oakland where there were no trees. When I moved to Santa Cruz I started taking “forest baths”, so basically taking walks in the woods and immersing myself in nature which changed my life radically, making me a lot more of a mellow and calm person. So I suggest that people at least take a walk on the beach or in the woods once a week.

What do you think are some other ways people can become their “authentic self”, meaning cultivating a relationship with themselves in a healthy way?

Do something alone, do something by yourself and be okay with not having to talk while you’re doing something alone. Just observe yourself as somebody who doesn’t need anything except for what’s inside.

IG: @stacymartin3610

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