Vanessa Low Mendelson, Art Advisor and Real Estate Developer

Is this your first time at the Armory show or have you been here other years?

I’ve been coming here, I would say, almost every year since its inception and I actually was there when it started at the Gramercy Art Show, way back in the day at the Gramercy Hotel. In fact, I worked at the Gramercy Hotel art fair which was the original Armory Show.

What gallery did you work for?

A gallery called American Fine Arts gallery, started by Collin De Land, and I think he was one of the original founders of this whole art fair. 

How would you say the Armory Show has evolved over the years?

Well it’s gotten much bigger, better, much more sophisticated obviously. I like what they did this year. It’s a really clean look. The white walls and the white carpeting really compliment the space and makes the artwork stand out. 

How would you categorize the crowd?

The crowd looks very serious to me. A lot of industry people and “serious” art folks.

What do you like about being here?

My favorite part is walking around viewing the art and holding my glass of champagne.

IG: @vanessalowmendelson

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