Ari Shaljian, Artist

What would you say influences your style and where did you get the inspiration for your hair?

A: I’ve just always been into vibrant colors and I just worked my way up to the blue “situation”. I always want to make a statement with what I wear, hence the neon green.

Were you influenced by the movie Blue Is the Warmest Color at all?

No, I’ve never seen the movie actually. I’ve just always loved blue and green and a lot of my paintings have a blue-green “bleen” sort of color to them.

Tell me a little about your artwork.

I make paintings that are sewn and suspended together. It’s kind of a blend between a masculine-feminine vibe, because that’s exactly what I am. So basically I’ll build something, and then I’ll paint it and sew it. To me it brings out my femininity. 

How would you say your style reflects your personality?

I think I’m as outgoing as I am colorful.

Who inspires you?


A: Craig Green, and in terms of color Philip Guston.

IG: @ariannashaljian

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