Maeve Laveau, Artist

So coming from London how do you feel like the energy of NYC is different?

There’s a hunger here. To always be doing better, to always moving forward, to working on one hundred projects at once. It feels like everyone here is constantly “on it” and I respect that. This city is a hard place and you have to be tough to survive here and everyone is constantly aware of that. 
What inspires you in your performance art?
A: The idea that I can change people’s minds about how we view women’s bodies. I really think that so much of our culture tells us that women’s bodies belong to men and I want to remind people that you belong only to yourself, you don’t belong to the government, you don’t belong to your future husband, you only belong truly to yourself.
How does that relate to the fashion industry and modeling?
There’s this constant pressure that is put on us to be beautiful and to be skinny and to be perfect and I think that really erases individuality and it really erases what makes each person special and beautiful. I think fashion is finally starting to come to that point where everyone is accepted and I think that bby changing culture through art we can change it in industry as well.
How does your performance art convey that do you think?
It’s been difficult because I had an eating disorder when I was young and I starved myself for many years and it was the most frightening thing in the world to be naked on stage when I first performed. I’ve grown to love my body and I hope that other people see the confidence I have and I hope other girls can see that and feel proud of who they are too.
How do you feel like you can be an inspiration to other girls?
I want girl to be fearless and that’s what my art is about, it’s about being fearless Looking the things that terrify you in the eyes, whether it’s something you struggled with in the past like depression or an eating disorder or people thinking you’re a slut, any of those things and saying you know what, I’m going to be myself. I’m going to be fearless and beautiful.

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