Nima Veiseh, Painter

How does your fashion and style reflect who you are as an artist?

I’m the founder of a clothing company called “Dress Abstract”, which is sustainable art wear. We support and employ refugees in the United States. It’s reflective of my artwork which I label as “temporal abstractism” where I take some sort of moment or memory in time, could be a guitar chord vibrating or the memory of a birth of a child, even the sunset, and I distill that as a moment of space and time and explode it onto the canvas. Who I am as an artist is trying to establish a balance between what is the aesthetic and how is that aesthetic communicated and translated into the real world.

You talk about how your art is related to memory. What’s one of your favorite memories either in childhood or adulthood?

One of my favorite memories that stands out to me is probably hearing Beethoven or Mozart for the first time. I never understood until later in life the way it pulled on me as a child. It’s about the movement and the balance of leaving chords unresolved. The best example of this is Fur Elise by Beethoven. One thing I’ve been able to do is translate that memory into a series of paintings and I’m grateful to be able to do that. I talk about this in my Ted Talk.

You also do Ted Talks?

Yes. The last one I did is titled “On Memory and Mindfulness”.

IG: @nimaabstract

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