Priyana Rikhy, Digital Artist/UI Designer

As a student studying art what’s something you learned that challenges you?

Digital art just challenges me in general and that’s why I like working in graphic design so much because everybody’s innovating all the time and you can take inspiration from so many places. When it comes to internet culture, it’s always expanding…you can look to meme culture, or cultural communities found on Instagram as sources of inspiration so it always pushes you to explore different things and mediums to catch people’s attention for a long time.

How do you feel social media and the internet has affected the art world?

I actually study social media’s effect on culture in general and I think that one of the great things social media has done for us is that it’s created these amazing niche communities where you can really go and find sources of inspiration and creativity that didn’t really exist before. So it allows people like me who are part of sub-sects of different identities to find communities where you can really grow and learn from people like you, and you can also take inspiration from them and connect with other artists in ways that wasn’t available.

What’s your favorite form of social media? Facebook? Instagram?

I’m big on Instagram because I think it’s such a cool visual platform and I really appreciate the grid format but I think at the same time TikTok is definitely having a moment right now and so I’m excited to see where that goes.

IG: @fluor.escent

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