Stockholm is rife with opportunities for art students

Götheburg may be known as Sweden’s ‘student city’, but Stockholm is increasingly popular with exchange and international students, as well as local Swedes. Stockholm University of the Arts (SKH) and Konstfack University College of Arts, Crafts and Design are the two main hubs for arts students, and offer plenty of opportunities for further study, as well as workshops and residencies.

The free tuition for Swedish and EEA/Swiss students, as well as the city’s booming culture of visual and performative arts, make up the most of Stockholm’s appeal for students orientated towards the arts.

Below are our picks for the best degrees, events and courses to choose from.


For art students already in Stockholm, there are plenty of opportunities to pursue your studies to a Master’s level.

Konstfack University College of Arts offers several different graduate programs, such as a Master’s in fine arts, in visual communications, and in ceramics and glass.

Stockholm University of the Arts offers a variety of one to two-year Master’s more focused on the performative than the visual arts, including masters in animation, choreography, cinematography, documentary processes and production design.

The Royal Institute of Art, an independent fine art school, also offers a broader Master’s in fine art.


Stockholm University of the Arts is organising several festivals in the upcoming months. Next October the university will host the Festival Within Practice.  A collaboration with choreographer Björn Säftsten, it aims to create a meeting ground between dance students, professionals and the audience.

The university is also organising the biennial conference Alliances and Commonalities from the 22nd to the 24th October (though it may mostly be held online), an opportunity for artists and academics within performative and mediated arts to share their research in a creative, collaborative way.


If you’re looking to refine your creative skills in a less structured environment, the city’s museums and gallery offer many creative short courses.

Fotografiska, Stockholm’s largest photography museum, offers a series of short courses aiming to make people better photographers; through general skills, a focus on portrait and on mobile phone photography. Fotografiska also hosts a workshop titled ‘From abstract to concrete’, focusing on value-based visual design.

The Moderna Museet offers creative workshops aiming to help everyone discover their creative side, each with a standalone theme and coupled with a tour of the museum.

The Färgfabriken, Stockholm’s hub for contemporary arts, also hosts an annual ‘Stockholm on the Move’ workshop revolving around ideas for the urban design future of Stockholm, ‘a city in transition’.

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