Profile of the Week: Carla Timoc

Romanian artist Carla Timoc, recently graduated from the University of Art and Design receiving a MA degree in Photography. Her work experiments with film format and instant photography. She now lives and works in Germany.

How has your upbringing influenced you as an artist today?

Well, my upbringing was in fact, all about art in general. My father was gone to Italy for work and I remember my mom telling me I still had the pacifier in my mouth when I was drawing for him. Mom used to write letters and I wanted to send him messages too, so I used images as a primary communication tool. One of my first memories is being very excited that I could draw something that suggested some roller blades because I truly wanted them at that time. My grandfather used to work at a wood-processing factory and he will often bring me home paper, and my god I was going through them like crazy. I used to go when I was in elementary school to contests where my partner used to write nice essays and I would present a visual image of what he/she were writing about. I never not earned big prizes. And my middle/ high school life were at an art high school, so to me art was always a crucial part of my being.

What stories or messages do you wish to tell through your creations?

I think my main goal is to bring more humanity to the world, in one way or another. I would truly like for us to be more in tune with ourselves and what actually matters in life. My values are bravery, compassion, kindness, vulnerability, and I would love for us to have the ability to let ourselves be seen for exactly what we are. It’s such a joyful thing when you actually let down your barriers and see that people can care. People can see and feel you. That’s why my art would always encourage the viewer to go to a more deeper place within itself, and just take a few moments to analyse his/its/her own being. I usually strive for my work to be frameless because I always wanted to be more free, to have the ability to continue outside itself.

What challenges have you found pursuing a creative career? What advice would you give to emerging artists?

I think I always had challenges, especially in the beginning when I had no idea what to say when it comes to my art, I hadn’t really had a voice when it came to this. I remember even in college going to exhibitions and see how nice the message behind the works was written and I always got intimidates by it. That’s why even when there were artist calls I was always a bit shy applying because I felt like I was lacking a message. And as an introvert, it was so hard for me to try to make new friends, I always felt very uncomfortable going to people and congradulating them for the show, and I really wanted to express my appreciation, however I was kind awkward (I still am sometimes, but I’m working on it)

I still encounter major challenges such as living in a very small city with no opportunities whatsoever and we can all agree that 2020 was a challenging year for all of us in one way or another. My advices from an emerging artist to another is

1. To never ever give up on your dreams. Especially when your friends and family are like ”so, are you doing something with this or what?” ”I mean, you’re not even getting paid?” ”you need to think more practical” I say f it. It’s our dream, our passion and money will come to at some point. We have to believe that. We live in a world full of opportunities and we need to take advantages of that as much as we can.

2. When you feel lack of inspiration just research. I spend a lot of time listening to podcasts, watching artist talks, documentaries everything you can do in this area is good.

3. I know you will feel discourged at times. I had so many moments when I felt like this. But the journey that we are in is way more important than the outcome. And something good will always come of it as long as you stay true to yourself and fully believe in yourself.

4. You are good enough, you are amazing just the way you are, and that doesn’t mean you can’t improve, but improve from a better space rather than keep beating yourself up that you’re not there yet. Always always work, on yourself and your art.

5. Be brave, and take action.

Social media is a powerful tool for promoting and spreading one’s work, how have you utilized social media to share your work?

I agree with you 100% social media is an incredibly powerful tool for promoting and showing your work. I, personally am very active on Instagram. And I always try to be consistent when it comes to share my work, I use some helpful hashtags, I always respond to comments. And of course another tip would be for you to follow as many galleries and art-related pages, and pages that spark your interest a lot. I also have a portfolio website which is still work in progress but that one is on Tumblr for now.

What project(s) are you currently working on?

Well, now I am in the phase of research. Because my goal is to have my work be more truer and more vulnerable and braver, I have to research a lot about these topics. I now play with making some posters and with typography which is something new and different than what I do usually. And of course, Jenny Holzer was my inspiration when it came to this form of expression. When you’re not sure how to express your truth in one technique or medium I always like to find ways in which I can spread a message. And I always play and try to find things to work on. Sometimes inspiration can strike while you’re working on something. 

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