The capital of southern Italy’s Puglia region, Bari is where East meets West. Here’s how to explore it.

Shop: Corderia 1995

Corderia 1995 is an avant-garde shop always open to new trends. Meet the friendly owner Alessandro, and fall in love with his exquisite fabrics, unique designs, jewelry, and furnishing accessories. Grab an espresso beforehand because you’ll want to stay in this beautiful showroom for a while.  

Restaurant: Vettor

Have you ever had Italian and Japanese fusion food? You can have it at Vettor, an experimental restaurant popular with the art crowd. Head here to sample dishes such as Apulian Ramen (vegetarian shoyu ramen, spaghetti, turnips and mushrooms) and Bavette de Beouf (veal, porto sauce, sweet onion petals and Brussels sprouts). Chef Nicola Ricci was born in Bari, trained alongside Japanese sushi masters, and aims to prove that the two cuisines match perfectly. 

Theatre: Teatro Petruzzelli

Teatro Petruzzelli is the fourth largest theatre in Italy, and its reddish façade on the outside plays coy about the luxury within. It was built after residents of Bari demanded a larger theatre with reasonably priced tickets, one “for and belonging to the people.” They got their wish, and the theatre was opened in 1903. Nowadays, you can expect to see a mixture of opera, ballet and family entertainment.

Hotel: Hi Hotel Bari

The four-star Hi Hotel Bari is slightly tucked away in a residential spot – a perfect chance to break away from the action and recharge. This hotel has a lot to offer – a pool, a spa, a gym, a 24-hour self-service bar and a modern digital check-out system.

Neighbourhood: Old Town

Heading to the Old Town, Bari Vecchia is a must. The history and beauty of the city are preserved exquisitely. Walking in, you’ll be able to smell the fresh pasta and ragù before you get to taste it – the generous locals may even let you go inside their homes.

Bar/Restaurant: Rù Peruano


Carbonara? Bolognese? No, gracias! Welcome to Peru’ in Bari. Rù Peruano is an elegant Peruvian restaurant/bar with delicious cocktails (we recommend Pisco) and an incredible menu. Once you’re done eating, you can dance to their in-house DJ until late at night. 

Barber’s: #HashtagShock

Have you been traveling for a while and regretting not getting a haircut beforehand? Or been inspired by someone you walked past? Come to the sleek #HashtagShock for a modern cut. And there are video games to play while you wait!

Furniture Shop: Archiproducts

Archiproducts is a place to geek out about architecture and interior design and is also where you’ll see the latest trends. Don’t worry if you’re not fluent in Italian; the shop communicates with visitors through smartphones and other devices available throughout the shop.

Palazzo: Palazzo Mincuzzi

Palazzo Mincuzzi is undoubtedly of the most beautiful buildings in Bari. A standing example of Liberty-style architecture and elaborate art nouveau styling, it also features a Benetton shop today.

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