Spend Winter Inside with These 11 Chill Songs: KAMAUU, Greentea Peng, and more

Social House – “Love Me Back”

Pop duo Social House has that feel-good sound we usually get from upbeat R&B. In “Love Me Back,” rock and roll undertones are added to their harmonious formula, making it feel as if the Pittsburgh band took a Post Malone song and added some Hennessy, which you must admit is innovative.

Greentea Peng – “Downers”

We’ve all heard raspy, soulful vocals from London before, but Greentea Peng transforms that style into something new. The strings of the eswarmandal, which open “Downers,” will naturally cause you to relax your shoulders. Peng’s enchanting voice is enriched with R&B and something else you can’t quite put your finger on. Her EP Rising, which dropped in early November 2019, follows the same unwinding-friendly formula as this chill single.

Raveena – “Still Dreaming”

Singer-songwriter Raveena is no stranger to mixing genres. I imagine the North Indian singer in the studio, stirring tea made of R&B herbs and sweet melodies in a mug made of indie pop. “Still Dreaming” comes from that cup, a song that reinforces your relaxation. Raveena is a fan of both Bollywood and soul music, and her voice lives in that hidden spot where Corinne Bailey Rae and D’Angelo share a laugh at Minnie Riperton’s house as jazz plays in the background.

Choker – “Lucky”

Sometimes I want to listen to a song that keeps it simple: a smooth voice over even smoother guitar chords. Michigan-based artist Choker satisfies while keeping things interesting. He pulls you in with high harmonies and reminds us that polished falsetto melodies will always be in style. “Lucky” entices you to listen with your eyes closed and encourages nostalgia for when you were lucky enough to worry about the little things.

Matt Martians – “Look Like” ft. Daisy

When you’re craving more music from R&B supergroup The Internet, Matt Martians will crave your appetite. But don’t get it twisted; the singer, songwriter, and producer still has his own sound. He wears many hats, but his unique percussion stands out the most. Here, he links up with Los Angeles-based band DAISY to create “Look Like,” a groovy tune with an indie edge.

Kojey Radical – “25” ft. KZ

This song is like a 2-for-1 special because it’s easy to chill out to, but you can also dance around the house to it. The desire to move your body to this song makes sense since Kojey Radical is a trained dancer. The poetic metaphors in the music video for “25” demonstrate that Radical is well on the way to being a hip-hop innovator. Adding a groovy touch to his soulful singing and rapping, this British artist knows how to appreciate life. And this track helps you to appreciate it too.

BETWEEN FRIENDS – “affection”

“affection” is one of those songs you want to blast with your friends on a midnight ride to Mcdonald’s. The Los Angeles-based band BETWEEN FRIENDS has mastered their recipe for catchy pop with a swirl of soft harmonies from diverse vocal registers. This track will make you love life and the people in it, even if for only four minutes.

No Vacation and Okey Dokey – “Really Truly”

If dreams had dreams, the soundtrack would include this magical single from Brooklyn’s No Vacation and Nashville duo Okey Dokey. The collaboration was bound to happen since the two bands were tour buddies during the summer of 2019. The 80’s synth is subtle but hard to ignore inside this melting pot of calm vocals and gleaming guitar.

bLAck pARty – “Smoke Break II”

Beginning with some groovy bass on “Smoke Break II,” bLAck pARty eases us into a soothing journey of build-ups and decrescendos. The short single is a funky time at the beach with friends who don’t mind passing the blunt. Though originally from Arkansas, bLAck pARty drips with Los Angeles vibes, bringing a crisp, unique sound you can’t get enough of.

rum.gold – “Get Through”

Reminding you how gentle trumpets can be, “Get Through” is the low-key kind of R&B to which you can light a candle. Here, rum.gold shows off his butter-smooth vocals by relaxing us with impressive runs and the delicate sounds of faint rain. Perfect for a bubble bath, rum. gold’s nicely toned notes can end a bad day ofronn a good note and help encourage you to get through the week. 

KAMAUU – “Ivy”

If you don’t know who KAMAUU is, prepare for your ears to be blessed. The Brooklyn-based singer has a rare edgy, yet soulful sound. On “Ivy,” his jazzy production sparkles and amplifies the power and pain in the glorious, subtle rasp that is somehow his voice. On top of this, the way he sprinkles the track with painfully relatable lyrics makes this one of those songs you’ll put on repeat, wondering if you’ll ever get tired of it.

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