Our recommendations for Lecce, the “Florence of the South.”

Museum: Museo Storico Citta’ di Lecce (MUST)

Visiting MUST is a must. Formerly a monastery founded in 1410, MUST is now a modern and contemporary art museum. It also holds a permanent exhibition by local carver Cosimo Carlucci and a series of photographic art by the U.S. artist Jenny Okun.

Bar: Danny’s Bar (Patria Palace Lecce Hotel)

Whether you need a pit stop or you’re in for the night, you can’t go wrong with Danny’s Bar and its rooftop terrace. Head upstairs, order a delicious coffee or a cocktail and enjoy the Basilica di Santa Croce view.

Church: Basilica di Santa Croce

Instagram page looking a little dry? Take a snap outside Basilica di Santa Croce, a Baroque church. Completed in 1695 and recently refurbished, the Basilica blends beautifully intricate and somewhat grotesque features, including a rose window.

Restaurant: Bros

Italy means two things: romance and good food. Bros, right in the heart of Lecce, offers both. The mouth-watering, Michelin-star menu is an original and an ideal (almost compulsory) spot to bring your lover(s). 

Public Space: Parco Belloluogo

Who said parks are good for just a jog? Parco Belloluogo is teaming with olive trees, fig-trees, and native species waiting to educate and charm you. It’s the ideal place in Lecce for some fresh air, not far from the city center.

Historic Site: Palazzo Tamborino Cezzi

Are you an Art Nouveau aficionado? Love learning about different movements? Palazzo Tamborino Cezzi is the place to go to. The palazzo was erected in the mid-sixteenth century, and the ground floor retains the original Renaissance environment. Bellissimo!

Gallery: Tonda Design

Tonda Design is both a shop and an art gallery. Antonio and Melinda, owners of this beautiful space, love to showcase artifacts from local artists. Everything here, from lamps to accessories and ceramic pots, is handmade. 

Meeting Space: Officine Culturali

Meet local artists for a chat and find out more about Southern Italy. Officine Culturali does a bit of everything; it sells excellent coffee, great books, and provides a guided tour of the Benedictine Monastery.

Hotel: Mine & Yours


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