Liste Art Fair Basel

With a vision to showcase the newest tendencies in contemporary art, the Liste Art Fair Basel has brought together the younger generation of galleries that create the future of contemporary art. This year the fair has moved to an online format due to COVID-19, running from 10 am CEST on Monday September 14th- 8pm CEST on Sunday September 20th, 2020.

Rachel Jones, A Slow Teething, 2020
Oil pastel and oil stick on canvas
166cm x 246cm, Courtesy of The Sunday Painter Gallery

On the first edition of their new online platform, Liste Showtime, 72 galleries from 35 countries will present an artist who represents the latest developments and new trends in contemporary art. Online visitors will be able to select specific galleries and artists as well as explore new art “by chance”, opening their eyes to discover the newest generation of art.

POSTER PROJECT: “Rewriting Our Imaginations”

Iosu Aramburu, Untitled [M20g], 2020, PDF,
Courtesy of 80m2 Livia Benavides, Lima

Liste Showtime will also feature the project, “Rewriting Our Imaginations”, inspired by an essay in The New Yorker magazine by science-fiction author, Kim Stanley Robinson. Collaborating with the artists each gallery selected to represent in the fair, the prompt called each artist to design a poster at a time when life was disrupted and imagination had become reality, posing a question of shifting imaginations and realities. “Rewriting Our Imagination” asks what new futures look like when the fictional is transformed into a reality. The posters can be viewed and purchased through the Liste Showtime site.

*To follow the Liste Art Fair Basel and shop the posters check out their online platform (Liste Showtime) :

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