Ziyang Wu: Cutting Through The Noise

Born and raised in Xuzhou (Jiangsu Province, China), Ziyang Wu is a contemporary artist teaching at the School of Visual Arts in New York City.

The Art of Life and Death with Vern Rattapoom

Thai artist Rattapoom Piwpantamit (Vern) moved from a small village in Thailand to the city (Bangkok) to pursue his art career. He talks of heart-wrenching

Profile of the Week: Carla Timoc

Romanian artist Carla Timoc, recently graduated from the University of Art and Design receiving a MA degree in Photography. Her work experiments with film format

YngSpc: A space nurturing the future of art

Imagine: an independent, online/offline platform for contemporary art that emphasizes artists early in their careers. Kate Mothes never imagined her blog would turn into a

Profile of the Week: Pocket of Lollipops

Miami based band, Pocket of Lollipops has been playing together for 11 years. Composed of Maite and Tony, the duo formed their band in high

Profile of the Week: Wendy Fetzer Mazza

Artist and printmaker Wendy Fetzer Mazza’s resolute vision for her work and her methodical creative process set her apart as an artist. Wendy is based

Profile of the Week: Daria Ivanova

Possessing a myriad of creative outlets, French-Russian queer feminist artist Daria Ivanova explores trauma and sexuality with a focus on LGBTQ representation. Daria finds inspiration

Brittany Sager: On Dealing Art in Dallas

A captivating presence, Brittany Sager stands out from the crowd with her unique and alluring style. She was spotted at the Armory Show where we

Profile of the Week: UNQO

For London-based illustrator UNQO, genuine expression, a feel-good factor and comedy are paramount to what makes great art. Accompanying his no-nonsense approach to expression, UNQO

Profile of the Week: Sabrina Iacono

Sabrina Iacono grew up in Montreal and moved to Toronto where she received a BFA in Criticism in Curatorial Practice with Distinction in OCAD University.

Profile of the Week: Alejandrina Herrera

Alejandrina Herrera is an artist based in Monterrey, who has been painting for 11 years. Her precise and meticulous watercolor technique allows for detailed and

Profile of the Week: DeAndre Tuck

DeAndre Tuck is an illustrator from Baltimore, Maryland. With a mind open to creative exploration, he strives to create work that leaves the interpreting up

Profile of the Week: Keisha Lopez

Keisha Lopez is an artist based in Nashville, TN. The process of making art is therapeutic for Keisha – she has been able to self-heal

Profile of the Week: Yanin Ruibal

Yanin Ruibal’s personal experiences have directly influenced her artistic identity. Having grown up in Hermosillo, Sonora, Yanin’s paintings feature tropes from the Sonoran desert as

Profile of the Week: Morgen Roloff Sechler

Morgen Roloff Sechler paints what is comfortable: places and spaces from the home. Based in the Bay Area, California, she aims to capture spaces that

Profile of the Week: Karina Brzostowski

Well travelled artist Karina Brzostowski’s latest series ‘Secret Garden’ is an introspective project that captures her relationship with her surroundings during lockdown. Karina has intuitively

Profile of the Week: Christina Nicola

Based in Brooklyn, New York, Christina Nicola is a painter and draftswoman. Her work explores the concept of “blackness”, using mix media and a variety

Profile of the Week: Lydia Larson

An American nomad, Lydia Larson used art as a means of documenting the constant changes in her surroundings. Exhibiting across the United States and internationally,

Profile of the Week: Katie Evans

Florida-based artist, Katie Evans, focused on life’s ambiguity through her still life drawings of feminine figures and objects. Through her drawings she searches for meaning

Profile of the Week: Erica Fitzgerald

Erica Fitzgerald is a contemporary sculpture artist who explores the clash between natural and industrial worlds. Her compositions are rooted in ecofeminism with a strong

Profile of the Week: Samuel Chasan

Professional web developer. Video creator. Painter. Samuel Chasan has been a creative most of his life and believes in the unifying qualities of art. Samuel’s

Profile of the Week: Vivienne Tewes

Vivienne Tewes is an illustrator who mainly works with fashion and social media brands. She also practices fine art creating colorful, quirky paintings that mix

Profile of the Week: Natale Adgnot

Natale Adgnot is an abstract artist currently living and working in Brooklyn. After a career including stints at Christie’s in New York and Chanel in

Profile of the Week: Oksana Okhapkina

Born in Central Asia and now based in Ukraine, Oksana Okhapkina’s work is influenced by both Ukrainian and Asian culture. For more than 20 years she

Profile of the Week: Holly MacKinnon

Canadian artist Holly MacKinnon has made a lifelong dedication to her craft since she first started painting 9 years ago. Her paintings capture various themes

Margaret Tsirantonakis

We connected with Margaret Tsirantonakis, a painter who lives and works in Stamford, CT. Margaret uses layers of color, gestural brushstrokes, and calligraphic lines to

July 19th: Creative Prompt

Within the blog section, we wanted to create a space to spark both discussion and creation. Therefore, weekly we will be posting prompts that to

Profile of the Week: Michael Wilson

Portland based musician, Michael Douglas Wilson created Dittomaster, an electroclash music project. His project aims to create music that is frenetic, energetic, danceable, raw, experimental

Profile of the Week: Ivan Rios-Fetchko

LA photographer and artist Ivan Rios-Fetchko is inspired by literary, visual and conceptual images and ideas of America. Ivan’s relationship with the open road and

Profile of the Week: Tyler Tilley

Tyler Tilley’s work captures raw emotion and unconscious thoughts. Experimenting with art throughout his entire life, in his twenties he turned it into a career.

Profile of the Week: OopsJLFAgain

Moroccan artist Taj or Oopsjlfagain as he is known on his socials, creates art to bridge the gap between reality and fantasy. His Moroccan roots,

Profile of the Week: Alyssa Goodman

Toronto native Alyssa Goodman employs a sensitivity not just in her monochromatic watercolour technique, but also in the subject material of her work. Working on

Profile of the Week: Tessa Krieg

Tessa Krieg is an artist, curator and researcher. After graduating from the Pratt Institute in 2020, she now works in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. Her practice explores

Profile of the Week: Isabella Innis

Isabella Innis produces abstract works that are both calculated with studied intent and raw with honesty and freedom to create. Isabella has drawn inspiration from

Profile of the Week: Morgan Buck

We connected with Morgan Buck, an artist based in Portland, Oregon on FRONTRUNNER’s social site to talk to him about the evolution of his art,

Profile of the Week: Madison Pitts

Madison Pitts from Tennessee is a visual artist who likes to challenge herself with different combinations of materials to create work that forces the viewers

Profile of the Week: Sydney Kleinrock

A multimedia artist based in Brooklyn, Sydney Kleinrock, focuses on painting, textile art and illustration. She graduated with a BFA from Hampshire College, studying visual

Profile of the Week: Victoria Manning

Victoria Manning started her artistic career sketching from real life in her room as a child. This has now blossomed into an Expressionist bouquet of

Profile of the Week: Lauren Moore

Lauren Moore’s exposure to different cultures and landscapes has rendered her art a vat of nature-inspired flair. Her love for environmental studies and her artistic

Profile of the Week: Margaret Tsirantonakis

We connected with Margaret Tsirantonakis, a painter who lives and works in Stamford, CT. Margaret uses layers of color, gestural brushstrokes, and calligraphic lines to

Profile of the Week: Isabel Pardo

Isabel Pardo is an artist and curator based in Baltimore, MD. Isabel specializes in painting, art history and curation, creating “classical abstraction”. She redefines historic

Profile of the Week: Blake Buttram

Bay area native, Blake Buttram, is a self-taught artist exploring many different creative outlets, making him a true jack of all trades. He paints to

Profile of the Week: Christina Giuffrida

Christina Giuffrida is a painter from Sydney with a strong background in performance, which has shaped her artistic expression. Now residing in New York, Christina’s

Profile of the Week: Benjamin Adelmann

LA-based artist Benjamin Adelmann underlays his artwork with philosophical purpose. With a rich academic background including a BA in philosophy, he has been painting for

Profile of the Week: Whitney Lorenze

Whitney Lorenze is an artist based in New Haven. She’s been painting for the better part of five years and has worked to see her