Profile of the Week: Pocket of Lollipops

Miami based band, Pocket of Lollipops has been playing together for 11 years. Composed of Maite and Tony, the duo formed their band in high school and characterise their genre of music as ‘Posh Punk’. Their new album titled ‘Tiburon’ is releasing soon. Check out their socials to learn more about the band.

Where are you all from?

We are both based in Miami, FL but Maite is Basque and Tony is Italian.

How would you describe your music? What genre?

Our genre was coined Posh Punk back in 2012 from our friends here in Miami, our music is like a dream you keep having.

How long have you been playing together?

Since 2009

What are your music inspirations?

Maite listens to alot of lo-fi, garage, & classical; While tony is usually playing rap.

What’s the story of how you guys got together?

Maite used to skip class in high school to watch Tony play drums and chill. Several hours, week, months and days later Maite picked up a bass and POL became the dream.

What’s your approach to songwriting? Do you write from experience?

Maite composes the bass lines first, then we practice it and jam with drums and start adding lyrics. Sometimes it happens other ways; maybe a drum beat makes Maite create a certain bass line, but for the most part it starts with bass. Yes, our lyrics come from experience.

Where would you like to see your band in 10 years’ time?

Dream for the band. The dream has begun, to continue it sounds like the plan.

What are 3 albums you’d bring with you if you were stuck on a desert island?

I would bring Violent Femmes, Modest Mouse & let Tony pick the last one.

Do you have anything new coming out?

We have a new album called Tiburon coming out Nov/Dec and releasing a single in the next few weeks.

Pocket of Lollipops socials:

Frontrunner: @pocket
Instagram: @pocketoflollipops
Twitter: @pocketlollipops

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