10 Essential New Artists: Next Town Down, Samia, and more

Caroline Lazar – “Georgia”

21-year-old singer/songwriter Caroline Lazar is gearing up to release her second EP. The lead single is “Georgia,” a compelling, intimate breakup song that brings a new glimmering sheen to the tried and true metaphor of rain. There is evident Southern influence; you can practically hear the warm wind passing through the screened-in porch in the guitar work.

Next Town Down – “Easy”

The talented self-professed “next great R&B group in the tradition of New Edition and Boyz II Men” has grown its following through a series of mash-up YouTube videos covering music from Backstreet Boys to Stevie Wonder. Now they bring the same smooth charm and scintillating harmonies to their work with the moody “Easy.”

Newscast – “Blur”

“Blur” is the first track from Newscast, a musical duo out of Jackson, MS. By taking a traditional 80’s pop sound and enhancing it with the lush layering associated with contemporary chillwave artists like Toro y Moi and Washed Out, they create a fresh new aesthetic that makes for a fun listen. Warning: this will definitely get stuck in your head.

indigos paradise – “Alchemy”


If you like to get your groove on and believe the best moments are in the details, keep an eye on indigos paradise, a young Colombian producer based in Nashville, TN. He releases a song every few weeks, and “Alchemy” stands out as an especially mature sample of what is yet to come.

Evan Wright – “Comeback”

Those who enjoy the twangy guitar and chill attitude of artists like Mac DeMarco, Kurt Vile, and Real Estate will especially enjoy Evan Wright’s new EP, Spaghetti Western. “Comeback” is anchored by the anticipation in the chorus (“One more night I’ll be by your side”), but it also showcases Evan’s ability to blend country and indie rock subtly.

Rayvin Moon – “Lazy Sad Jesus”

Hoboken-based Rayvin Moon wants you to stay awake during the revolution. “Lazy Sad Jesus” is an indie pop track decorated with electronic harp. The last minute’s dark breakdown draws attention to Rayvin’s operatic and classical background. Fans of Charli XCX and Robyn should especially enjoy this one.

3099 – “Electronic Revival”

Formerly known as APRIME of Milwaukee rap group AUTOMatic, 3099 returns full-force with this solo single. With plentiful wit (“I’m a simple man with a complex complex”) and swagger (“You gimme an instrumental, I’m gon’ send it to God”), he delivers a bar-packed speech on the real State of the Union. “Electronic Revival” will be especially palatable to Blackalicious and Del the Funky Homosapien fans.

Jimmy – “Smile”

One thing that immediately stands out about experimental artist Jimmy is the vastness of his sound palette. His second single, “Smile,” exists in a world where genres blend until they no longer exist, and this skillful world-building, in tandem with the dark drug-addled story he tells, makes this track the sonic equivalent of a page-turner.

Yip Yops – “She”

The Yip Yops’ dancy synth-punk is like candy for your ears. For Millennials who yearn for the 80s they can’t remember, this may be the cure (or, more aptly, Duran Duran). Also, be sure to check out their fabulous outfits.

Samia – “21”

In only three and a half minutes of well-curated indie rock, Samia delivers an impressive and nuanced snapshot of age 21. As she oscillates from natural self-doubt to blistering self-confidence, all with an inviting balance of wit and candor, she reflects the complexity of being a human at any age.

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