10 Essential New Tracks from NY-Based Artists: Bellows, NOIA, and more

NOIA – “Ciudad Del Humo”

Barcelona native Gisela Fulla-Silvestre becomes everyone else in the new music video for “Ciudad Del Humo,” the new NOIA track which brilliantly showcases Gisela’s ability to decorate an experimental electronic landscape with pop sensibilities. Listen to the new Crisàlida EP on Bandcamp and other streaming media.

argonaut&wasp – “Composure”

If there’s one thing you can expect from argonaut&wasp, it’s fun and danceable tracks. “Composure” is no exception; its synth grooves are icy cool in the summer heat, and its beat is funky yet relaxing. Keep an eye on future releases on Instagram at @argonautandwasp.

Eric Tapper – “Can’t Wait”

You can feel the warmth from the light that Eric Tapper shines in “Can’t Wait,” a tender track about the anticipation of introducing loved ones. Come for the optimistic vibes; stay for the satisfying guitar solo in the bridge. Eric is currently building up to an EP; follow his progress on Instagram at @ericmtap.

Rebecca Aaron – “Stay Inside”

You know when you’re trying to create distance to heal, but you keep hearing their name everywhere? In “Stay Inside,” Rebecca Aaron captures this and other relatable post-heartbreak feelings in her lyrics and the lonesome and reflective tone of her guitar. To get deeper into your summer feels, check out her other tracks on Soundcloud.

Obstacle – “Unknown Number”

“Unknown Number” is a compelling multi-movement journey from this emerging three-piece electronic group and is also the lead single ahead of their upcoming Subset EP. If you think rhythm can be art, or you like to wonder, “where did they get that sound?” you will find a lot to love here. Head to Obstacle’s Bandcamp to check out their other releases.

Elijah Bank$y – “TWO WEEKS”

Elijah Bank$y’s slow and steady flow wins the race in “TWO WEEKS,” fitting for a song about patience and the daily grind. Plus, the downplayed humor in the track’s accompanying visual perfectly complements the blink-and-you’ll-miss-it wordplay in the lyrics. Watch out for Elijah’s upcoming EP on Instagram at @elijahbanksy.

TOLEDO – “Hot Stuff”

There is a homemade, accessible charm about TOLEDO’s entire aesthetic: the album art, the music videos, and even the sound of their music makes you feel like there are no walls up, that we are all equal here. “Hot Stuff” is a subtle track that sounds like waking up and missing someone but still finding a way to enjoy your day people-watching in Prospect Park. Catch the band’s upcoming show at Brooklyn’s Market Hotel on July 18.

Beast Coast – “Left Hand”

In case you missed it, Flatbush Zombies, Pro Era, and the Underachievers have linked up as rap supergroup Beast Coast. With verses from nine different emcees, “Left Hand” sounds like a victory lap taken in a decked-out bulldozer. Listen to the entire album, Escape From New York, to hear what they build together in their haters’ stead.

Emily Reo – “Strawberry”

Emily Reo highlights the absurdity of cat-calling and mansplaining with grace and humor on “Strawberry,” a bright psychedelic pop track from this year’s LP Only You Can See It. Follow her summer tour with Charly Bliss on Instagram at @emilyreo.

Bellows – “Rosebush”

Bellows’ Oliver Kalb says this year’s release, The Rose Gardener, was partly inspired by the “feeling of trying to make art in such a loaded and violent moment.” Tending to your roses is not always easy or even entirely safe, and in their music video for “Rosebush,” this dynamic turns into a literal chase. Gabrielle Smith (of Gabby’s World) plays the spirit of the rosebush with hilarious caprice. You can listen to The Rose Gardener on Bandcamp and see Bellows perform live at Alphaville on August 2.


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