15 Facts About Furries You May Not Know


  1. Furry Fandom Origin: The furry fandom emerged in the 1980s, primarily in the science fiction and fantasy communities. It initially revolved around anthropomorphic animal characters in artwork, literature, and role-playing.
  2. Definition of a Furry: A furry is an individual who has an interest in anthropomorphic animals, often expressing their enthusiasm through artwork, costumes (known as fursuits), role-playing, and online communities.
  3. Diverse Community: The furry fandom encompasses a wide range of individuals from different backgrounds, ages, genders, and professions. It is an inclusive community that welcomes people from all walks of life.
  4. Furry Art and Literature: The furry fandom has a rich tradition of artistic expression. Furry artwork includes illustrations, digital art, comics, and animations, while furry literature encompasses stories, novels, and poetry featuring anthropomorphic characters.
  5. Fursuits: Fursuits are elaborate costumes worn by furries that represent their anthropomorphic characters. These costumes can range from partial suits (masks and paws) to full-body suits, often custom-made and designed by the individuals themselves or professional fursuit makers.
  6. Conventions and Gatherings: Furry conventions, such as Anthrocon and Midwest FurFest, provide opportunities for furries to come together, showcase their art, participate in workshops and panels, and socialize with like-minded individuals.
  7. Online Communities: The furry fandom thrives in various online spaces, including forums, social media platforms, and dedicated furry websites. These communities allow furries to connect, share artwork, discuss topics of interest, and organize events.
  8. Furry Identity and Role-Playing: Many furries create and develop their own anthropomorphic characters, known as fursonas, which they use for role-playing and self-expression within the fandom.
  9. Charity and Volunteering: Furries are known for their involvement in charitable activities. They often organize fundraising events, donate to animal welfare organizations, and participate in volunteer work within their local communities.
  10. Furry Music and Dance: The furry fandom has its own music subculture, with furry musicians creating songs and performances inspired by the community’s themes and interests. Furry dance competitions, such as “fursuit dance-offs,” are also popular at conventions.
  11. Furry Controversies: The furry fandom has faced its share of controversies, often due to misconceptions and stereotypes. Media portrayal and misunderstandings have led to negative perceptions, but it is important to remember that the furry community, like any other, consists of diverse individuals with varying interests and motivations.
  12. Furry Therapy: Some furries find solace and therapeutic benefits within the fandom. The furry community provides a supportive environment for individuals to explore their creativity, build self-confidence, and form meaningful connections.
  13. Furry Academia: Academic studies and research have been conducted on the furry fandom, exploring topics such as identity, community dynamics, and social aspects within the furry subculture.
  14. Furry Influences in Popular Culture: Anthropomorphic characters have appeared in various forms of popular culture, from classic cartoons like Disney’s “Robin Hood” to video game franchises like “Star Fox” and “Sonic the Hedgehog.” These influences have contributed to the broader acceptance and visibility of furry characters and art.
  15. Positive Impact on Individuals: For many furries, involvement in the fandom has had a positive impact on their lives. It has provided a sense of belonging, encouraged personal growth, fostered creativity, and facilitated lasting friendships with like-minded individuals who share their passion for anthropomorphic animals.

It is important to approach the furry fandom with an open mind and recognize that each individual’s experiences and motivations within the community may vary significantly.

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