Berthold Jean-Charles Releases His New Single, “High End”

Photo credit: Yasma Alkoraishi
Makeup and styling: Kayleigh D’Anne

With looks to kill, fashion personality and socialite Berthold Jean-Charles has just released his hot new single “High End”. Everything about Berthold is an embodiment of “high end” fashion, so it’s no surprise he picked this title. As a stylist, he’s done shoots with Vogue Italia, Fiasco, Elle, Relapse, and others. His own personal style is a reflection of his immense sense of individuality and endless amounts of self-love. “High End” has a catchy, rhythmic sequence and beat, the melody and lyrics perfect to be on the set of a runway show at New York Fashion Week…and this is Berthold’s aspiration. The fusion between his affinity for fashion and his talent as a musician make “High End” uniquely cool and trendy, and most likely a song you’ll hear on the radio soon that will get stuck in your head immediately. Berthold continues to be a fixture in the fashion realm, his style worthy of emulation.

As a fashion personality, what made you want to pursue music in such a
big way?

Honestly, I just kind of fell into music. It was not something I initially thought about doing. I was pursuing fashion styling and doing freelance for different publications. I was aiming to be on television to talk about style and other aspects of fashion, but music found me. I used to be in chorus and dance when I was in grade school. As I got older, my style resembled different musical artists. People would always ask me if I did music, telling me I had an uncanny resemblance to Prince. Also telling me I looked like Jimi Hendrix and Andre 3000. One day I was working on a fashion film in December 2017, and then while writing the voice over, suddenly I wrote a track and I titled it “HIGH END”. Since my style is influenced by high-end aesthetics, that title seemed fitting and with the climate of music right now it’s the perfect time for a style personality like myself to release a song.

How will you promote yourself as a musician considering you are so
recognized as a fashion personality in high circles?

First, I plan on having a party to debut my single and then after I debut it, I plan to perform it around town to garner the energy that artists used to do with music, back before the internet was a thing. With social media platforms, I will use that to showcase all the performances of my debut single.

What inspired the lyrics and how did you come up with the beats and melody?
The lyrics were inspired by my personal style and how other people perceive me in everyday life. When it came to the beat, that was simple. I love KPOP so I found a beat similar to a group I liked and then, boom! It just happened organically.

Photo credit: Yasma Alkoraishi
Makeup and styling: Kayleigh D’Anne

Once it’s released, do you plan on coming out with a music video?
I will come out with a music video after I feel that people have heard it enough and the energy is right.

What fashion shows/designers would you like to perform “High End” at?
The designers I mention in the song, including Dior, Verscace and Bottega Venetta.

Photo credit: Yasma Alkoraishi
Makeup and styling: Kayleigh D’Anne

Are you coming out with any other singles after “High End”?
Yes! I have a EP title and three other songs to add. So it will be a 4-song EP including “HIGH END”. Look out for that at the top of next year and perhaps a teaser to a new single by winter of this year.

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