The Collector’s Bible: Introduction

Dear Readers,

Frontrunner bequeaths to you a single volume of knowledge and know-how: the kind that gallerists, auction house specialists, curators, museum directors, public relations interns, Instagram “influencers” (whoever they are?) and even established artists won’t tell you. True, there is no single gospel that will provide eternal salvation from the swirling pit of the contemporary art world. Why be saved anyway? Shouldn’t we love the art fair chaos, the fashion house-sponsored parties, the vacuum-sealed door to the upper 1% of main street galleries, and the incredible shrinking budgets for public and emerging art?

There is no clear answer, but at least there could be a temporary balm to soothe the daily burn for a fledgling collector, artist, gallerist, writer, teacher or just a casual observer. Enter The Collector’s Bible. This is the first volume in a forthcoming series published by Frontrunner, where first-hand experiences are interwoven with divine omniscience: in other words, if the art world is the Garden of Eden, then we’ve just presented you with a key. Subsequent chapters will provide keys for artists, educators, and art world newcomers so that they, too, may stroll through a Land of Plenty. In all seriousness, we at Frontrunner believe that the art world is no secret. There’s no club, no VIP party, no gala, no front desk intern that should separate the art world from the public.

We’ve accumulated practical advice from all corners of the contemporary art sphere, from an array of diverse genres and disciplines. The result is a wide open access point, where the veneer of the “creatives” pretentiousness is stripped away. Seeking further enlightenment upon completing this encyclical? Have no fear, disciple. Frontrunner has created a set of online modules to help illustrate each chapter. Upon completion, you are sure to be venerated as “that person who we should take seriously”, “the collector we should spend more time with”, “the new person who we should cultivate as a collector”, and other similar songs of praise.

Yours most faithfully (we emphasize faithfully, since it may take several leaps of it),

Frontrunner Magazine

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