Zine Scene: 10 blogs filled with zine culture action

Headline for Zine Scene: 10 blogs filled with zine culture action
365 Zines a Year

Here is where you can check out reviews of different zines and mini comics. One of my faves on this site is called “About a Ghost Town Tour". I’m only able to see the cover but it draws you in with promises of imperfection and abandoned buildings patched up with poetry. You can dig for years in this blog for inspiration or you can send your own zine in for review.

We Make Zines

“A place for zinsters and readers”.This is an online community for zine lovers, and maybe haters, but mostly lovers I think. It definitely provides a space for all kinds of zine conversation in its forums, groups, and videos. If you’re a chatty person and want to find your community of zinesters, you’ll find it here. Also, you can create a profile and build your zinster identity. Kind of like a zine FaceBook.

Spill The Zines

Here’s another review site, this time out of the UK. There’s a gem in the about section about what a zine is. They remind us of the handmade and non-commercial beauty of zine making. With zines we get to peek into an underground world not controlled by commodities but by emotions and genuine expression. It’s the uncontrolled space.

Zine Project Seattle

The zine project seattle creates zines written by homeless youth authors. The creations by this group highlight the best aspects of zine making. The voices of the voiceless are heard. The outcome is an opportunity for understanding mixed with personality, perseverance, and literature in its rawest form. Here is where zines have the power to change perspectives about society for the better. A zine is no longer just a booklet in your pocket. It’s a tool for ideas and resistance.

The Book Design Blog

This site offers forever and ever zine inspiration. It’s basically a go-to site for the artist searching for a trigger. Here you’ll find something that catches your eye. The links will take you to all kinds of stories and artwork in zine land. It has links to projects that make an evening out of D.I.Y. publishing.

Mutiny Zine

Mutiny is a zine dedicated to radical ideas and pushing the boundaries as activists. Although it might sound intimidating, Mutiny is an open zine looking for ideas of all kinds within the radical space. They want to hear about experiences, and the thought and theory that comes with them.

Zine Weekly

Zine Weekly is a go-to blog about self publishing and artistic inspiration. They're the spot you want to check out when you have your idea and story ready to go, and your just looking for a soul to read it.

No Zine

With the topic surrounding the issue number, No Zine is a clever booklet featuring artists, photographers, and writers. It's a wonderful collection of creative genius, and it is worth all the attention you can give.

Unskinny Bop

Unskinny Bop has a zine dedicated to "the achievements of fat people in pop", as resistance to a world that hands privilege to skinny. It's pop culture gold, and offers far more than just a zine.

Anonymous Press

Anonymous Press is a very interesting concept. According to it's about section, it's a self-sufficient publishing platform and all books are added to a library. There is likely a gold mine of ideas here, just waiting to be discovered and shared.

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