Have a taste of La Dolce Vita in Italy’s most fashionable and evolving city.

Gallery: Fondazione Prada

Keen to explore the culture beyond the famous Duomo? Head to Fondazione Prada, an art exhibition and former distillery dating back to the 1910s, and a charming mismatch of pre-existing buildings and new structures. Don’t miss The Haunted House, a spooky collection housed in a golden four story-building.

Bar: Mag Café

If you can’t pick between a coffee or a cocktail (the classic early afternoon conundrum), come to the sensational Mag Café and enjoy either while soaking in the Bohemian atmosphere. We recommend ordering a Frog, a Grey Goose Vodka-based cocktail.

Cafe: Pasticceria Cucchi

Pasticceria Cucchi is popular with local artists, enjoying a cup of tea with a slice of Panettone or an aperitivo. Bring your partner for a romantic date, or turn on your Tinder profile to find the mysterious Italian artist of your dreams.

Public Space: Parco Sempione

You can bring a lot to Milan, but sadly you can’t bring your gym pass. So, get your trainers on and go for a jog at Parco Sempione. The park’s central location means there are plenty of interesting sights to keep you entertained, and it has a storied history. Italian royalty once used it as hunting grounds until Napoleon came up with … other ideas. He opened his mini-colosseum, the Arena Civica, in 1807.

Hotel: The Yard

Feeling classy? The Yard Hotel is not a simple boutique hotel but a taste of pure luxury. (This hotel also features The Wootsu Society, a secret members’ club. Parentheses for maximum secrecy). 

Church: Santuario Di San Bernardino Alle Ossa   

For travelers with a morbid streak, Santuario di San Bernardino alle Ossa is a destination teaming with curiosities. Be impressed, or repulsed, by their Ossuary and the walls almost entirely covered with human skulls and bones.

Bookshop: Verso Libri Milano


The perfect spot for avid readers; meet intellectuals here for deep conversations. Verso Libri Milano holds events ranging from theatre to cabaret to debates.

Workshop: Dues Cafe

Dues ex Machina is an Australian brand that recently set up shop in Italy – they’re passionate about surfing, cycling and motorbikes and regard their workshops as “temples of enthusiasm.” The Dues Cafe, tucked inside the shop/workshop/exhibition space hybrid, is known as a meeting place for fans of the three worlds, and It’s the place to grab a slice of Focaccia and start planning your next great adventure.

Theatre: Piccolo Teatro


Wined and dined at a nearby restaurant? Get ready for a cultural evening at Teatro Piccolo, Italy’s first permanent theatre. It has three venues: Teatro Grassi, Teatro Studio and Teatro Strehler, and they do it all; play, festivals, films, concerts and any number of events – sit back and relax or chat with friendly locals between the intervals.

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